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Chelsea Bans for CL 2009/2010?

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BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | C | Chelsea | Drogba and Bosingwa bans reduced


Chelsea pair Didier Drogba and Jose Bosewinga have had their European bans reduced by one match by Uefa.


Striker Drogba was suspended for "offensive comments" made when reacting to his side's Champions League semi-final defeat by Barcelona in May.


However, Drogba, 31, successfully pleaded his case in person alongside team-mate Bosingwa, 26, who had his ban reduced from three matches to two.


A suspended ban for another two games is still in place for Drogba.


Bosingwa, who was suspended for offensive comments about Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, also has a one-match suspended ban.



Fair enough. Team and players have now been punished. There remains one question - what happens to the referee?




The suspended bans will be deferred for a probationary period of three years.


Uefa confirmed Chelsea will be fined £86,000 for the club's failings in the incident.


"The 100,000 euros fine imposed against Chelsea by the Uefa control and disciplinary body remains confirmed (as the club withdrew their appeal), for the improper conduct of their players and the throwing of missiles by their supporters at the match against Barcelona," said a Uefa statement.


"We're happy with the outcome and we've had a fair hearing," said Chelsea lawyer Jim Sturman.


Referee Ovrebo, who also appeared at the hearings, denied several penalty appeals in the match at Stamford Bridge.


And the referee said the post-match incidents were "regrettable and occurred only because of the high emotions and frustrations which arose from the disappointment of a controversial defeat in such an important game."


Ivory Coast forward Drogba, who has also been fined £15,000 by Uefa, will now miss the first three of Chelsea's Champions League games this season while Bosingwa, who was fined £10,000, will miss the first two.

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By the start of the season, UEFA will be apologizing and paying Chelsea compensation for opening an inquiry into the club and its players and Drogba will not only be allowed to play in all the games, but credited an extra 2 goals before the competition even starts.

Fucking spineless bastards. Drogba should have been banned for the entire campaign for what he did, the ugly, shit, cheating fucking fanny.

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How Bosingwa got away with that is fucking unbelievable. If I ever met that linesman I fucking deck him. Theres no way he didn't see that, no way whatsoever.


Interesting that. Personally, I thought it was hilarious.

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