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Mascherano tapped up. Allegedly.

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Guest Ulysses Everett McGill
My bet would be filth as a bit of retaliation for the suggestion we could be interested in Tevez.


Wouldnt put it past ginsoak one iota.


If it was United Rafa would have made a point of mentioning it.


In regards to Tevez, the fact that United wouldn't see a penny of any transfer deal makes mevwish we could do a deal

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Friday May 8,2009


By Peter Edwards


JAVIER MASCHERANO is staying at Liverpool after clear-the-air talks with Rafa Benitez about his future.


Benitez was disturbed when told of quotes attributed to Argentina skipper Mascherano suggesting he would consider a move. He paid £18million for Mascherano 15 months ago, after having had him on loan from West Ham.


“I didn’t know about his comments so I talked to him about them and he was clear that he is happy here,” Benitez said. “You cannot stop clubs talking with his agent because he is a good player and there aren’t many holding midfielders of his calibre.


“When you have four or five top clubs asking about you, you don’t want to say ‘no’ because you know in football everything can change.


“So from a player’s point of view, and especially from the agent’s, they try to keep the doors open for everyone.


“But does he want to leave? I don’t think so. He knows the best option for him at this moment is this club. In three years’ time you never know. But now he knows this is the best option.”


Manager Benitez revived the career of Mascherano after the problems at West Ham and, at 24, believes the player still has good years ahead at Anfield.


He is also confident about Spaniard Xabi Alonso despite more links with Juventus and Real Madrid.


“We want to keep all our key players here, and it is exactly the same story with Xabi,” said Benitez.


Slovak international Martin Skrtel, meanwhile, aims to help Liverpool keep alive their title hopes over the final three games and is aiming for his first goal since his £6m move from Zenit St Petersburg in January last year.


“I scored a few for Zenit and have got some for the national team, but I’m still not off the mark here,” said defender Skrtel.


“I am trying and I am getting into the box for the set-pieces. It is starting to annoy me a little now. I know scoring goals is not my main responsibility but I would still really love to get one soon.


“It would be a very proud moment in my career.”


French striker David Ngog, 20, wants more action in the closing weeks. He cost £1.5m from Paris St Germain last year, and believes the influence of Fernando Torres is helping him.


Benitez will use Ngog in the games at West Ham and West Brom as well as the home finale against Tottenham. Ngog has made just five starts and 12 appearances as a substitute, scoring three times, two of those goals arriving in the recent victories over Sunderland and Blackburn.


“If I can help the team in any way then I will be very happy,” said Ngog. “We have some big games coming up and I have to work hard to be involved.


“At this stage of the season the manager needs everyone so we have to be ready. Whenever I have played I’ve really enjoyed it and to have scored for the team gives me more confidence.


“It is really good to be involved because the team are playing so well and I will always try to do my best for the team and for the club. If the manager gives me time to play, either from the start or as a substitute, then I’ll give everything.


“It is important to be ready when I am given a chance and if I am a substitute and the manager asks me to go on, then hopefully I can help the team. I am fortunate to be able to work alongside a player like Fernando Torres because he is a great example for me and I hope to learn from him.


“I want to improve and by working hard in training every day and by watching what Fernando does, then I hope this will happen.”


Benitez said: “If he is keen to learn and he has good players around him then he can learn from all of them – from Fernando Torres, from Dirk Kuyt and from Steven Gerrard.”


Daily Express | Sport | Football

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Good to hear the comments about the Chief and Xabi. And N'gog is saying all the right things, although I remain to be convinced. At least the lad's feet seem firmly planted on the ground.

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Interesting that Rafa mentions agents. Kia Joorabchian was at Citeh a couple of weeks ago to talk about "developing South American links." I know this to be true.

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Interesting that Rafa mentions agents. Kia Joorabchian was at Citeh a couple of weeks ago to talk about "developing South American links." I know this to be true.


City will put an offer in for Tevez. Guarenteed.

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    • He was just handed appearances for about 3-5 years for both England and United.  It’s not as incredible an achievement when United can’t get rid of you because they’re paying you too much and every England manager is too scared to drop you.  He was a very good footballer up until about 26 when his abuse of his body caught up with him.  He never carried any team he played in though.  By the time the “golden generation” had retired from internationals he may as well have done because he was that shit.
    • And people still want him here, convinced Klopp will somehow give him a brain and some skill.   He would be a cracking addition if we were running a 4 x 100 metre relay team. 
    • If the playing field is not level then you can bet your life that nice guys will finish last.   Do you think Graeme Souness for example didn't know how to be a snide fucker, do you think King Kenny wasn't great at getting in refs ears....it isn't just about 'diving' although we probably could benefit from being a bit cuter at feeling contact and going down as they call it, without the theatrics that actually cause refs to assume it is a case of trying it on.   Sadly it is all a big part of the shitfest of modern footy and we have to get with it or we'll be sitting clutching our 'we played the right way' trophy whilst the others pick up the pots that matter.   The refs are shite, VAR is shite, but they are not gonna get better, we have to adapt sadly.
    • I dont want our players to be cunts to win a football match. We're supposed to be better than that and yes, while it sticks in the craw to see others prospering with it, I dont want us cheating, being snides, real clever or whatever you want to call it to win games and trophies.   This idea that if our players were more clever refs would suddenly start giving us shitloads of pens is fanciful in my opinion. We're talking about Taylor, Atkinson, Marriner etc, the same refs who see what goes on during a game and still wave play on when one of ours goes down in the box.   All that's going to happen is players like Sadio, Mo and anyone else who joins in will get carded for simulation. The problem isnt our players arent clever or that united players are. The problem is shit refs and now VAR never getting called out for giving soft penalties at important times during a game to united but turning a blind one to us and other clubs.   Spurs scored a goal at united one game that almost hit the back of the net and wasnt given because neither the ref nor lino had a good view of it! Even the united keeper after sheepishly putting the ball back into play was walking around his box waving his arms around to say how the fuck have you missed that, arent you giving a goal.   Hardly anything was mentioned about that huge incident and it was quickly brushed under the carpet to spare the fucking officials blushes.
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