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Ungrateful Wife...

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    • Good report and I agree with almost all of it.    I thought Fabinho was way off the mark against Wolves as well but the substitution worked because it allowed Gini and Hendo to push on and Wolves we're starting to flag.  He badly needs games not a beach lounger.    Matip, Lovren and Fabinho own this result and they should take responsibility for sorting it out rather than set up our non-squad youngsters for what could be a humiliation at Anfield. 
    • Mate, Im just trying to debate with you like you were sat opposite me in a pub. Im not being arsey.   But I think some people are missing what seems pretty obvious to me about this break. People ask, why do players like Lovren, Matip, Fab and a few others need a break, why dont they go in for training.   The way I see it is this. Klopp wants to refresh the players so he says everyone connected with the first team, that's him, players, physios, coaching staff and players have a break. That means even if Matip, Lovren and Fab come in for training, there's no first team coaching, no training drills and set pieces on the pitch. They need everyone in for that because they train for specific opponents and not just running around etc.   Klopp has said, all the players will have personal routines to do during the break to maintain their fitness or in the case of Matip and co, build it up.   People seem to think at this stage of the season, training is mainly running around the pitch and doing sprints. Im sure they do a little of this but at this stage training really is all about the opponents play, how to defend against their set pieces and practice ours.   I really dont agree with your assessment of big money competitions is preventing lower league clubs fielding full strength sides. Like I said, roughly the top and bottom 8 clubs in each league outside the PL are more intent fighting for promotion or relegation.   Ive said many times Im more than happy for Liverpool and other PL clubs to let lower league sides keep all the gate money from home cup draws. The FA stopped these clubs swapping home advantage to get a big payday at places like Anfield.   I saw someone post who doesnt want to better united's 1999 treble. Who doesnt? But united had won the title how many times under ferguson when they did that, was it 4 or 5 times? They didnt do a treble in 99 after going 27 years without winning the title.   city won a treble last season but, look at the number of easy draws they had in both domestic cups. And I'll argue all day it cost them a billion quid to do it.   You're right, an extra game against shrewsbury will not cause us to lose the title. But then in the next rounds if we drew city, united, chelsea and arsenal (yeah, bump draw luck I know) people would want our strongest team put out to face them. Those additional games on top of CL games would have an impact and potentially injuries.   If league performances dropped off as a result, the nerves inside Anfield would be like a crescendo and that would cause a massive wobble.   In my opinion, we need to get the 30 year monkey off our back before we start acting like kiddies in a sweet shop and saying I want the FA Cup as well or I want a treble as well. And Im sorry but you only need look at threads to see loads of people on here are going on about smashing city's points total and going unbeaten.   For what it's worth, I think once we do get over the line, we very likely will lose a couple of league games as, if we're still in the CL, Jurgen targets retaining that trophy and resting more of the elite players.
    • That's actually brilliant. 
    • Klopp has every right to be p***** off by the FA. The FA are being run by a bunch of stupid old men who think they’re better than others just because they went to Eton. Best we can do is to ignore them. Klopp should, however, stay at the sideline in the replay. He should be there to guide our young guns. He can tell FA he doesn’t care about the cup all he wants, but he should show respect to the young players and the crowd. It’s easy actually. Decide on 11-14 players you’ll probably involve in the match against Norwich Feb 15.  Let them have their holiday as planned. The rest of the seniors can have their 1 week holiday starting the minute the Shrewsbury game is finished. Ask the young players what they'd prefer. One week holiday or playing Shrewsbury in front of a packed Anfield. The answer is given. The repay is actually good for them and therfore also good for us.  
    • Looking at him it's the least of his cosmetic issues.
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