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Sugar Shane Molsey

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Thought Mosley was brilliant on the night , he's such a likeable fighter anyway that I had hoped if he didn't win he wouldn't suffer a knock-out. A prime Mosley was some fighter.

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That was the guy who went on to commit suicide yeah?


Yeah , Billy Collins jr was an up & comer with a 14-0 record but came up against Resto who was a decent journeyman with only @ 6 ko's on his record.


Despite being a massive favourite Billy got battered & his face ended up like a cartoon - his father ( chief second ) kept trying to pull him out but Collins didn't want a stoppage on his record.


When Resto came over to shake hands at the end , the dad noticed that he could actually feel Resto's knuckles through the glove & shouted the commissioner over who grabbed the gloves.


It transpires that the padding from the knuckle part of the glove had been removed & he had in effect been fighting bare-fisted.


Collins ended up with a 12 month medical lay off & took to the bottle , ending up killing himself in a Driving Under Influence accident ( never proved as suicide )


Resto and his second ( panama Lewis ) both got lengthy bans but still deny that they were guilty & they say the gloves disappeared for 2 days after the fight before being fully examined & were tampered with in the interim.

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His battering of Cotto really did surprise me, didn't expect to see Cotto mauled like that. And now we know it's because dirty bastard Margarito was using loaded gloves. Life ban is in order IMO.

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