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Favourite Sopranos Scenes

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51 minutes ago, littletedwest said:

The original plan was to have him in longer but Robert loggia was struggling to remember his lines.

That’s a shame, I really liked his character but realistically it would have just been a drawn out version of the story we already got.

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12 hours ago, JagSquared said:

An underrated sub plot is that of Feech La Manna, It’s so well done.


His inability to get up to speed with the times and accept Tony as the boss is excellently played out. The scene I love is the one that seals his fate, where Tony cracks the joke and everyone is laughing but him, he’s just stewing in having thunder stolen from him.

When he’s being driven away by the cops, looking into the middle distance and nodding. He knows he’s underestimated Tony. It’s a scene that shows the viewer respect, assumes they are intelligent enough to see things without having it explained to them like a child, which is what the sopranos does so well.

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“well I could have a little toot”  Anyone who has ever had an issue with addiction will recognise this scene. He never got over what he did to Adrianne. 

A cute stray dog and the best song in the series as well. 

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