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Fergie dig at LFC? Surely not!

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Don't have a link, but in an interview in the Daily Express Sir Exlax was commenting on how his team are better equipped to become the first team to win back to back Champions League wins since the current group format was introduced in 1992.


I'm paraphrasing here a bit but basically he said that it was very difficult to win back to back because it is much more competitive now with the top 4 teams from England, Spain & Italy all involved each year. Having said that he thinks AC Milan should have won it twice!

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I bet AC Milan think they should have won back to back titles being 3-0 at half time too.


Seems a bit of a non-story this.

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They wouldnt have been back to back though.


Neither they would.


(sticks tongue in bottom lip and makes durrh noise at self)

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I seem to remember Bayern being unjustly robbed by two late goals on a balmy night in Barcelona. No mention of that eh?

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    • Wait, so you’re telling me all that shit about ending the season early for the good of humanity had nothing to do with a pandemic and was actually a bitter spiteful ploy by Evertonian’s who wanted to end their own misery because we are good and they are shite?   I bet Catcher has started referring to it as the ‘plandemic’ and makes loads of funny jokes about the virus only coming out after 10pm.
    • Heard that the time at the final whistle was 5 past Ederson :P
    • Richards knows nothing... Didn't he say he fancied city to step up and win the title this time? 
    • Graeme Souness says that Diogo Jota must adapt quickly to the added scrutiny of being a Liverpool player.

      The Reds legend is a big fan of what the Portuguese international can bring to the side in a footballing sense, but writing in his piece in the Times (via Metro) says he will have to adapt to the pressure of being at one of the biggest clubs in World Football.

      “At Wolves, it wasn’t a cup final every week but it will be at Liverpool, so he has to show that he’s ready for that. 

      “Otherwise, he fits the bill to deputise anywhere in that front three. He’s got great technique and understanding of the game, he’s already shown he can deal with the English game and play in a team that works hard, as Wolves do.

      “Although he’s scored some important goals, I always felt that Divock Origi was never going to hold down a regular place in that Liverpool team.

      “Jota fits the bill to deputise anywhere in that front three. He's got great technique and understanding of the game."

      It is a valid point that Souness raises as football has been littered with players who have struggled to adapt when joining a bigger club.  

      One player who Souness has no reservations about on that front is the other ‘new boy’ in Thiago Alcantara making comparison between him and a iconic opponent.

      “Zico was the best I played against, I don't think I got within two yards of him in maybe eight times I played against him in the course of my career with Liverpool, Sampdoria and Scotland.

      "He was one of those rare players that always seemed to have an extra yard of space to play in, the radar to see several moves ahead, the intelligence to be perfectly positioned when he received the ball and the perfect weight of touch to open the game out rather than taking it towards an opponent.

      “I suspect that many current Premier League players may find Thiago Alcantara as difficult to deal with.

      “I reckon he should find British football a breeze because he's that good, too. 

      Souness feels that the Spaniard not only has an outstanding winning mentality, he is willing to mix up his game to what is required which is a managers dream.

      “Whenever you buy a player as a manager, you're always trying to eliminate risk. Thiago ticks all the boxes - tremendous work rate, vastly experienced, he's a creator but doesn't shy away from the hard yards either.”

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