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...would be to UNLOAD (if you know what I mean :whistle:) on a sexy lady on the edge of a CLIFF


It's not immediately clear whether he's intending to murder someone, or fuck someone off the edge of a cliff. 


​In, out, ​in, out, fall. 

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Didn't someone on her(e) admit to being behind Quaresma and Voronin, or have I remembered that wrong?

Momo, or that Duncan Jenkins character that got Jen Chang sacked.

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I very much enjoyed having sex hanging partially over the edge of a cliff st cheddar gorge.

I didn't unload on or of anyone though.

Is cheddar gorge the place, or a description of the girl?

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You could have easily passed it off as Seagull shit.

Agreed. Explaining why you were using your cock to spread seagull shit all over her tits might be a bit more problematic.

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On 12/3/2009 at 12:20 PM, Unrighteous said:

I think the worst dirty slapper story coincides with my introduction to shagging same 'eads. I had just moved to Liverpool and met a same 'ead that fancied a go whilst wandering around in walkabout (that place is rank, by the way) and anyway, we hop in a taxi back to hers and its right near the kirkdale train station, and anyway... the place is a fucking disaster.


Despite high levels of alcohol, there was no way I was dining at her Y, as her place really was filthy and kind of smelled.


We went at it for a while and then both of us passed out. When I woke up, I was horrified.


Her flat was all sorts of horrible. I went to take a piss before excusing myself from there, and the bathroom was ... rancid. There was like mould all over the place, and tiles were missing all over the floors, and like everywhere else there was garbage strewn all over the fucking place. Luckily, I was already wearing my shoes to make a hasty retreat lest the toilet flush woke her up.


Even still, I basically stood in the doorway of the bathroom and pissed in the sink(It was closer to the doorway than the toilet and I still missed the target for some of it) so I didn't have to go into that toxic waste dump.


I wanted to add: The sheets were very fucking dirty as well. I got into my flat and got into the shower right away and scrubbed myself like a rape victim for quite a while.


Hang on, someone introduced Lance to shagging birds with Down's syndrome,  ?? so he went looking for one and her house was filthy ??

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