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Coppola mortgaged his wine business amongst the rumoured £120m he pumped into it. By all accounts the early screenings suggest that it's going to fly over people's heads. Let's hope he's got some money in a ISA to fund his retirement because this looks not very good.


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25 minutes ago, TD_LFC said:

Wasn't it getting panned and/or struggling to find a distributor because it was so bad?


Not seen any reviews where it was panned but I guess saying it'll go over people's heads is the same thing, just a bit more polite.

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it was early April I read it so they've clearly got over whatever issue they had.


One of many.



Even with a star-studded cast, including Adam Driver, Shia LeBeouf, Nathalie Emmanuel, Aubrey Plaza, and Zendaya, Francis Ford Coppola's 'Megalopolis' is reportedly finding trouble with distribution.


The film began development in 1983 and was produced at a reported cost of $120 million, partly funded by the sale of a portion of his wine business for over $500 million in 2021.


The film, spanning two hours and 15 minutes, depicts the reconstruction of a city after accidental destruction, featuring conflicting visions of an idealistic architect and a pragmatic mayor.


Notable figures from the film industry, including executives from Warner Bros., Disney, Netflix, and Paramount, attended screenings but expressed skepticism about its marketability. One distributor told The Hollywood Reporter, “There is just no way to position this movie.”


Originally, Coppola envisioned a substantial marketing campaign with a budget of $40 million domestically and $80-100 million globally. However, larger studios like Universal's Focus have declined to pursue distribution.


Small boutique labels like A24 and Neon have shown interest, but their limited budgets may not support Coppola's marketing ambitions.


After the lackluster reception to the March 28 screening, the prospect of a studio agreeing to either a negative pickup deal, where the studio purchases the film outright, or a fee-based distribution deal is now uncertain.


One studio executive characterized it as "some kind of indie experiment" that might find a place on a streaming platform.


However, not everyone was deterred. One founder of a specialty label described 'Megalopolis' as a "significant film" with "substance,” but ultimately stated it wouldn't be housed at his studio.


Another studio executive offered a less favorable evaluation, “It’s so not good, and it was so sad watching it. Anybody who puts P&A behind it, you’re going to lose money. This is not how Coppola should end his directing career.”


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On 14/05/2024 at 09:12, Elite said:

Anything with Adam Driver in I avoid. Worst lead in Hollywood.

I thought he was ok in Ferrari even though the film on a whole could have been better I thought. 

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26 minutes ago, TD_LFC said:

Is this going to be good.....



I'm seeing a fusion of Alien and Aliens, so jump scare horror and rootin' tootin' action.  Cautiously optimistic, but remember all too well the disappointment of Resurrection and the 2 AvP films.


I liked Alien 3, except for how they handled Hicks and Newt.

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4 minutes ago, Mook said:

Just seen the advert for Tom Hardy's new Hells Angels film. I wonder if he's ever considered doing a part without putting a silly voice on.


Seen the trailer for that last week when I went to see The Watched (utter crap 1/10) and thought it looked rubbish. 

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