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OK, just finished this show recently, so I can finally read this thread!


The ending. Here's the problem, as I see it:


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-If Tony is getting killed - which seems to be so clearly implied - why? Who is the "Members Only" guy? What motivation does he have? Where does he come from? It seems unfair for the show to pull someone out of nowhere, in general we're never kept in the dark, even with what's going on in other families or the FBI.


-So maybe he isn't being killed. I read an interview with David Chase where he implies that the point is that Tony may be killed days, months or years later, but ultimately, in Tony's own words, "there's only two endings for a guy like me". So he's not being killed that night but someday, somewhere along the line. And he's always going to be nervous until the day he dies.


I like that idea but there are too many visual cues to ignore (the sudden cut to black?) So overall I'm agnostic.


I also didn't like how they don't resolve whether Sil survives, or what comes of the RICO case. It's a very good ending, but maybe tries to be a little more clever than it needed to be.

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Sky Atlantic 02.50


Amour Fou: Tony is left with a dilemma after his wife is inadvertently given a lift home by his mistress. Jackie, meanwhile, makes a serious error of judgement.

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