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    • I would say out of 3 people who were in a position to figure this out, Oliver is the least to blame, followed by the lino. For me I can't get past anyone who has videos just brushes past it. Put yourself in Oliver's shoes, don't you think you should expect both you lino and var to pick that up without him holding their hand? He's the main official, so he has to accept some blame, but I just think it is just unacceptable from Coote to the point I don't think he should have a job. 
    • Would have detested the idea a decade ago.    Simply don't give a fuck now.
    • Yeah it was more rethorical I guess. Dont get me wrong, I think like all proposals, it needs careful consideration. Playing the likes of Bayern and Juve etc will become familiar, repetitive of whatever we agree to call it. But like a big fish in a small pond, I think football like lots of things in life has to move with the demand.   I go to games like Palace, Brighton, West Ham etc and just think not these shits again, verbal abuse by the oppos fans and their team playing 11 behind the ball and hoping for a lucky break to score then just camp on the edge of their box hacking down the players, arguing with the ref.   I get each club has to look after itself but 90% of these clubs continually slagging Liverpool FC off, depend on the likes of us for their capacity crowd of the season and huge amounts from the tv deals.   One of the few thing Ian Ayre was bang on about was the tv income. People around the world dont tune in to watch the likes of Bolton etc.   The way I see the PL now is the smaller clubs thwarting the likes of ourselves, the mancs and one or two others because they are highly unlikely to be in our position. It's like your neighbours saying you cant have a better income and better holidays because they cant afford them. Fucking hell, I agree with you!
    • I would like to know a bit more about it and how it will run alongside the Premier league before I get off the fence.   Is this an ide threat to the PL to back down over PBP or is this a genuine attempt to break new ground and earn more money from a breakaway league.   Will the PL become our U23s (reserves for the old folk in the room).    I think there will be lots of brinkmanship over the next few weeks and maybe a compromise PBP as long as we don't breakaway.   Only thing is we might have to go through with it if the others decide thats what they want. 
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