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    • Gary Lineker is the latest Football luminary to have his say over the halted Premier League season.

      Opinions differ over whether the 2019/20 season should continue, or be voided with the Covid-19 outbreak currently sweeping through the country.

      Naturally some people have vested interests concerning their reasoning, but speaking as someone not directly involved, Lineker believes that the season should be concluded which will give Liverpool the opportunity to win the title in their own right.

      The Mirror via Talksport reported the Match of the Day host as saying:

      I think ideally we’d like to finish the season, I think that would make sense.

      “But this whole situation is so fluid and much more important than anything, it’s difficult to know when it’s going to go away.

      “We could be able to play again by June, it might have calmed down enough, whether that will be behind doors, which is not really what football’s about, but it would help to finish the leagues.

      “That’s the thing everybody would want to happen, except perhaps some supporters who really don’t like Liverpool.

      “I think that would be the fairest thing."  

      The Premier League is currently on hold until the end of April, but with the virus still incredibly prominent, it appears certain that date will be changed when the Premier League, PFA and EFL meet tomorrow.

      Many clubs in the lower leagues are doing it especially tough in this unprecedented time.  

      Lineker said that the powers that be need to find the starting date that suits all parties.

      And he also believes that this season can intertwine with the new campaign.

      “The one thing I’ll say at the moment is the players are having their rest now and it’s not the rest they would want, it’s not the holiday they would want, but once they get back and have a couple of weeks training to start the season again, they certainly wouldn’t need another pre-season between the seasons.

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    • If the lockdown goes on into May I reckon the Government would love to have football back if it can. Multiple games over multiple days. It would keep the masses happy at a time people will be getting more and more restless coupes up.    Still all seems a bit surreal to me overall. I guess as I'm being forced to work through this my routine hasn't changed. It just feels like working over a Xmas break with empty offices etc. 
    • The contracts might have a force majeure clause for that kind of thing.  Or some other catch all clause.
    • So a player is one goal or appearance away from triggering a clause in his contract for either performance-related bonuses or even an extra year added to his contract. The season is then voided, ie the player is effectively denied millions through no fault of his own.    Can he then sue the club for potential lost earnings? Or break from the contract? If that's possible, imagine dozens of such cases of varying degrees and it's another layer to the shitstorm waiting for the higher-ups should the season be cancelled. 
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