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Gotta love some of their comments on that redissue thread about us:


As for that forum, I love how the guy calls out his photo shopping friends to make some images, then the ones they produce are piss-poor efforts. Especially the 45 minute Rooney one, 45 minutes? Did you just learn how to click a mouse button or something? Also:


"Haha that's clever that Red Horse. I can see the join though, you should have a look at my Charlton one and see how to blend properly. Good effort though."


You what??? Thieve a dictionary, then get an adult to read to you what blend means, you idiot.


Mind you, they seem a much more happy and funny bunch than the idiots over at RAWK!


Like Dossena's lob over Van der Saar it's gone completely over their heads.

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Can someone show me where this bus pic is, that you're all raving about, please?

Ok, it's been resolved, as I have this browser set to run gifs only once, and I only saw the last frame which is the back of ginsoak's head.


It is ace, indeed.


Cheers, Ghost.

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