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What did Kuyt do in the game that has got him so many votes? He did feck all again except 'try hard'. Gerrard was MOTM by a mile.


Covered miles of grass, kept pressure high during the whole game, constantly tracked back and last but not least created space for his mates - seldom has a player been so good at just that. Only wish he would improve his "own" game a bit.

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When i read the reviews on kuyt it always makes me laugh. Never once do you hear the 'kuyt fans' saying how he had a great game because he created chances, or great finishing or anything to do with him on the ball. It's always "he worked hard closing down players and ran all over the pitch". I'm sorry but i expect a bit more from a £10m player. His finishing was still poor and when he did have a chance to shoot on goal he bottled it and passed to gerrard instead. A proper striker would have gone for goal, but kuyt lost his bottle. I think at a club like ours we should be expecting a lot more from our players, and i'm afraid kuyt can't deliver it. He needs to be sold asap.

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