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    • Not yet decided I think.  It'll either be two-thirds or three-quarters of the season has to be finished for the season to stand. 
    • Spot on. The game has relied for more than a century on decisions being given instantly based on imperfect human vision and the rules have developed accordingly. When the rules for offside, handball, fouls were first invented nobody was thinking of computer lines, replays in slow motion etc. and the games is being distorted in the impossible search for the holy grail of perfection.  If we have to have VAR, then just use it to overule fuck ups which are instantly obvious to the VAR  ref and accept that human fallibility is part of the game. If there's any doubt just go with the decision of the match officials. 
    • For me, he's the third best cb in the league and there is nothing between him and Laporte.   Wasn't very impressed with the heralded Leipzig defenders yesterday though in fairness, if you had seen our defence against Villa, I guess it would be the same if you were looking in. Maybe their defenders are as good or could be as good as Matip, but not many really good centre halves out there at his level. Fair points though. He really needs to give us a 6 month season at least. It's very frustrating to watch.
    • This is my point though when people say the issue is our refs are crap. It's not just here, it's global. It's subjective shit where they mark the spot and allow that to dictate the software outcome. VAR is just shit. I don't really see how we change it.    The other thing that annoys me with offside, is the complete and utter disregard for the spirit of the law. Offside was introduced to stop goal hanging. It was not designed to worry about microscopic parts of the body being offside. Because if it had been there's something really simple - they would never have expected the linesman to know where the player was when the ball was kicked, because in almost all cases it would be impossible to see both of those things at the same time. It's all a fucking nonsense to bring it down to the shite we see today. 
    • No more walking popadoms please 
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