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    • I read today that the massive Mappiness study of human happiness has concluded that the 4 things that contribute most to individuals happiness are nature, exercise, cooking and gardening. You can see that from this thread, maybe not so much in the Breakfast one. 
    • Rafa on his time there:   'We only spent £1.7m... Even so, we worked with what was available, we were making the most of the team, but we began to have injuries and misfortunes: one who dropped a piece of furniture on his finger and four players were injured.'   The 62-year-old then insisted he does not rue his decision to join Everton, where fans quickly turned on him, exacerbated by his ties to Liverpool, and said the negativity of social media contributed to his sacking in January.   Benitez later declared his successor Frank Lampard must 'assume responsibility' for their current relegation battle given the league position Benitez left Everton when the former Chelsea boss took over.    He stated: 'It was a decision with a certain logic at the time... but seems I was wrong. But I don't see it that way. At that moment, Everton was a competitive team, we thought it would work. But when we left we were six points behind tenth, with two games less, and six points above relegation'.    'It was a bad position for what was expected, but consistent and realistic with the investment and injuries. From there, we talk about patience, trust, but people get nervous, social media influences things and a decision is made.    'Once we left, Everton made five new signings, got all the players back and had a new manager, who had to assume his responsibility. We did well at the beginning, we were a bit unlucky later and we didn't have time to keep doing things and adjust.'
    • From what I've read and seen of him on YouTube, he's not the most refined player but he's been targeted to play as the right sided 8 to contain teams with power and athleticism. It looks like the plan is to revert more to the relentless pressure cooker style we had in the title winning teams where we were less flashy but didn't let teams in the game at all.
    • I thought it was a bit weird. But then he’s Japanese, very polite society.