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    • If only Jim'll Fix It was still going Dave ??
    • Not too far removed from the views espoused by some on here.
    • Ah, reading about Arminia Bielefeld makes me sad. A college friend of mine spent a year there back when they won the second division back in 1999. He wouldn't have known if a football is blown up or stuffed, which naturally made him a Man Utd fan (although he only ever mentioned it in the context of Liverpool defeats so I think he was a fan just of the purposes of winding me up), but upon his return to Dublin he was gushing about his experience of going to the game when Arminia secured promotion. I still don't understand how tickets in Germany appear to be readily available and cheap, and grounds are packed, all at the same time. I had a long-term plan of us all heading over to Munich, where he settled, and taking in a game German-style. Heck, with his 1860-supporting wife it would have been very easy to get tickets! Alas, he went over his handlebars on a cycle in the Alps in August aged just 39, leaving her behind posting poignant pics on Facebook of her bereft state with their two young kids. We know not the hour...
    • I went to the Nou Camp to watch Barcelona V Monchengladbach. The hotel I was staying in was not far from Sants station and was full of Borussia fans. After the game I was at the bar downstairs and started talking to a few of them. Talked to two of them for about 3 hours about Liverpool and they said I should come over for a game.    Kept in touch with them and me and my two mates went over last year to watch Borussia v Freiburg. Was a bit nervous as my mates thought it was a bit of a tenuous and random link going over to visit some germans who I spoke to in 2016.    The weekend was brilliant in Dusseldorf and they showed us around the city, having a ridiculous amount of alcohol in the process. We went to the Fanhaus at Borussia which has loads of Liverpool stuff up and they sing YNWA in the bar before the game.   Me and my mates are planning to go over again and we all keep in touch in a WhatsApp group. My mate was made up as he wanted to go to see a german footy match but got to see it with the locals and he wants to go back every couple of weeks.   The main guy who sorted us tickets out has friends who is a Fortuna Dusseldorf fan and a Hertha Berlin fan so we are weighing up the fixtures to see if we can go to see one of their games. Tge Hertha fan runs a beer truck outside the Olympic stadium!
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