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Red Nick

How Sad Is That

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In the year 409:

* Constantine III's general Gerontius revolts in Hispania, and elevates his own candidate for emperor, Maximus.

* The Vandals, Alans and Suevi break through Constantine III's garrisons into Hispania. They share the Iberian Peninsula by drawing lots, with the Vandals getting Hispania Baetica (modern Andalusia), the Suevi Gallaecia (modern Galicia and northern Portugal) and the Alans Lusitania (the rest of modern Portugal and Spanish Extremadura).

* Visigothic King Alaric I lays siege to Rome a second time; with agreement of the Senate he sets up Priscus Attalus as western emperor

* Famine strikes Hispania, Gaul and the Italian Peninsula.

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