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9 minutes ago, Chocoholic said:

She was a horrible snide cunt, and she deservedly got burnt there.

Who? the fella with the towel?

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The capitalization is putting me off admiring the hottie. Is Sam Caught the fish's name? Is Sam Anymore the name of the hottie?


2/10 see me.

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    • The FA Cup was THE big game of the season back then. Because we had never won it, it was always something we got shit about, shit like "Liverpool will win the cup when the Liver Birds fly away" I couldn't get a ticket so I had to watch it on B & W TV. Went to the Bob Dylan concert that night, not a drop of beer available in town, everywhere had been drunk dry. I have a signed glossy print of this, one of my most treasured possessions. So long Saint, thanks for the memories. My all time hero. Ive got something in my eyes typing this.
    • Fuck internationals. The club situation has changed so much, injuries and absences affect too many clubs.Too many international competitions, friendlies and qualifying marches.
    • 4-3-3   Alisson; Trent, Phillips, Kabak, Robertson; Fabinho, Thiago, Wijnaldum; Jota, Mane, Salah
    • I watched a handful of Gladbach games after the restart last season, and I can’t stay he stood out. Their left back Bensebaini looked a good player, and I liked Thuram, a real handful.
    • That’s disingenuous. A lad who wasn’t ever supposed to be near our first team being compared against the first choice of a premier league team is nonsense.   our back ups this year we’re whichever of Joe or Matip, plus Fabinho if we needed him to be. 
        think that’s a bad strategy with or without hindsight by all means, but Rhys Williams was on loan at Kiddie last year and Philips at Hamburg or wherever it was. Neither were actually supposed to be backups.   If van dijk hadn’t been smashed out of our season and we’d had to play Fabinho next to him all year, I’m pretty sure we’d have as good a back four as almost anyone in the league, but when you’re down to choice 5 and choice 6 out of 3, it’s no surprise they’re not as good as Burnley’s first choice for Christ’s sake.   he’s nowhere near good enough but he wasn’t supposed to be, so fair fucks to him for doing his best and getting to live his dream for a year playing for the reds every week.
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