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    • So not good enough then?
    • He is nut but he's brilliant. 
    • The whole situation with him is just weird.  In just the last couple of pages you can see people coming up with all sorts of reasons for him not really doing it and I don’t think any of them are right.  I could probably count the amount of times he’s tried to dribble past players in the whole time he’s been here on one hand.  He’s probably had less than 10 shots as well.  I don’t get this view that he’s trying to do what he did in the Bundesliga and is trying to dribble past too many players because it’s just not a reality.   The next one “he needs to pass it quicker” has got some elements of truth to it but I don’t think in the manner it was suggested.  He plays first time easy passes a lot of the time in the opposition half.  I don’t have a lot of problem with that but we aren’t going to unlock defences with him doing that if he’s doing it every single time and it’s surely not what we signed him for.   He can get caught dawdling on the ball in our half sometimes and it looks so amateurish because as much shit as our midfielders take they’re very professional in that position and it almost never happens when it’s anyone else so it really sticks out for me.   Personally I think his main problem and Klopp will almost definitely be thinking it is that the number 8 positions for us need to be disciplined.  They need to cover the full backs when they go forward and they also can’t be the players to lose the ball because that’s our biggest danger of conceding.   He doesn’t really compare in style to any of the other number 8’s in the squad which should obviously be a good thing but when he plays I think he puts the whole game plan out of kilter.  It might be one of the reasons he makes those first time easy passes because he doesn’t want to risk possession but it almost definitely reduces his whole game.   I’m in the camp that I don’t think it will work out here because he’s going to need time and a lot of games and he’s not going to get that because of the abundance of players we have in his position and the amount of games we are winning with those players playing there.
    • He's carried the team after Christmas last season and he's doing a great job now helping out, what a fantastic player he is. A wonderful person too, love him. 
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