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Count Morfeo

Blues want a standing section

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By the way TK, as a practising lawyer, does it not even embarass you one little bit that you're catching up to my post count after signing up one and a half years after me?


Oh Madonn! Robot boy is a lawyer? You gotta be kiddin me, that sick fuck could end up defendin me one day? Get the fuck outta here, I'd be sat in the courtroom waiting for him to deliver his closing statement, and he'd be sat there with a hard on daydreamin he is Buck Rodgers, gettin ass fucked by tweekie. Biddy biddy biddy, oh yeah Buck, who's yer daddy? Biddy biddy biddy biddy.


I feel sorry for the poor fuck that gets him as a lawyer, ain't no way they're beatin that case. Sick asshole.

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Guest dragonfly

i'm not bothered what other clubs do especially that lot. i say let them, they still wont manage to get a better atmosphere than us even if we all decided to stand our heads to watch a match. it's all about money. they think they'll get more people in and that they'll get funding cos it a 'pilot' scheme. they're that desperate so let them. how easy people forget that's all i can say. if they believe that they're fans will be safe then so be it.

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