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    • Well it would cost them money. That's pretty much all that matters unless you can give them mass good PR.    Edit .. did you not tell them you were willing to wear that shocking 2nd shirt and tell everyone on tlw it was boss? 
    • I agree that wages play a huge part. If it were one or the other I think Klopp would choose Wiinaldaum - just a hunch about the way he works.  We have had Gini on relatively low wages - think I read he was the second lowest in the starting 11, maybe only Robertson on less if you count Matip. I would imagine if we offered Gini the 150k being bandied about for Thiago he would jump at signing that. We won't though. And I think you are right - there will only be one signing of note, if it is Thiago forget about a decent forward.
    • It is nice of the club to take it to the hospitals for NHS staff.   What isn’t cool is that photos with all 4 trophies were limited to podcasts & people with huge Twitter followers and the free Nike shirts they all got as well.   It was my Dad birthday last week. He was 68. We’ve season tickets holders for 28 years been all over watching us. I tweeted the club and Peter Moore to see if they could do something nice as a one off with the trophy, they both told me to book a tour...   I completely realise I was asking for above and beyond but would it really have killed the club to let us have 5 minutes with the trophies? 
    • Ok, this has gone all internety. My point is that the cost of a player is rarely the biggest factor in whether or not an owner/CEO approves a purchase. The contract and associated items usually is. 
        But on your specific point - I don’t know what length contract has been offered to Gini? I’d imagine at best whatever is offered to Thiago would be one year longer.  Given the age difference.
        As for being injury prone, he played 37 games last season and 42 the year before. 3 seasons ago he played only just over half the league games, which is poor, but 41 and 42 games the seasons before that, so I don’t think the injury record is as desperate as some are making out. 
        But again, that’s not my point.
        He’s a truly brilliant player. I’d love him here, but not at the expense of the forward we need. 
    • HAH!! Yes, thats my boy:  
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