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    • It's a pity because it's unfair on clubs like Bolton who will probably now get relegated to the third tier and Birmingham. I know they are under the EFL but they are smaller clubs who haven't had the benefit of the big Premier league TV deals.    It's going to be a slow decline for Everton and the longer we are competing at the top it will burn their heads out.    Any player with any ambition wont go there, let alone a manager. With no extra income the quality of their squad will deteriorate. 
    • I didn't think the Premiership sustainability one takes points, just cash.    They can't sell anyone good because they would be weakening an already shit squad by selling the best players. They could do with shifting some of the unflushables but good look with that, they're not leaving. December is a tough month for all teams, the fixtures come thick and fast and many teams struggle. They have some horrific fixtures in December and it's difficult to see how they could pick up any points in that month unless something truly miraculous happens.       
    • Would they get £50m for him though?. He scores about 10 a season and falls over every time he gets near the penalty area. Dont even remember how much they paid for Digne.    They need someone like Rooney to come through again so they can get some money off their manc masters. 
    • Basically why it has been dragged out for almost 4 years. According to that report they spent £11.7m on stadium designs and studies. Yet that Dan Meis is revered because he got an Everton tattooed.    I would love them to get deducted points if they have broken the sustainability rules. They have called us cheats for the last two seasons and suck off Man City so it would be ironic if they got done for financial irregularities. They've been looked at before over vague or dubious ownership with Moshiri and Usmanov.    Even a smaller stadium costing £300m seems to be beyond them now. Remember, the one on the docks was supposed to be a big tourism pull (even though they hate our foreign fans) and was supposed to put the loft conversion to shame. 
    • I think Klopp said the last lot of international games finish on Tuesday.
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