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    • It was the gimp, I think. 
    • They’re really milking this deal. 
    • I know there’s no time for two club cunts on here but Sporting just need 4 points to clinch the Premeira. Three years ago they were known as the worst run club in world football, when their president paid supporters to attack players at the training ground. Just goes to show anything is possible and you are never as far away as you think. All done on a shoestring budget, with a rookie manager and a bunch of punk kids. Big Seb Coates finally came good.
    • The irony is that almost every other club would kill to be in the position that City and Chelsea are in.
      Everton would be top of that list, yet proudly spout about how they “called out” the breakaway six and spoke for every other club when they called for sanctions against them. The purpose of those sanctions were to allow themselves to be bumped into a position where they could “qualify” for a European place that they hadn’t actually earned as much as anything else and to claim differently is basically a lie.
      West Ham, Brighton and Crystal Palace, with rent-a-quote chairman Steve Parrish, again pontificating about how these teams should be brought to book, yet wanting to null and void last season to protect themselves against possible relegation whilst saying it was morally wrong to play on given lives were being lost. They refuse to see that in applauding City and Chelsea for breaking away, and back into the Premier League, all that is guaranteeing is they strengthen those clubs with Oligarchs or Oil States as owners to continue dominating every competition they are in, effectively taking the competitiveness away from those very same competitions!
      The ESL wasn’t handled very well in its timing or proposed implementation, but the general idea that it would possibly limit the massive money teams and allow others to challenge them was a sound one, but the blinkers were on from the time the announcement was made and the “little 14”, as opposed to the “big 6”, basically decided to hold onto what they had rather than what they might have had. It won’t go away though and they must know that, even if the current voting regulations in the Premier League give them the whip hand, and effectively a veto, for anything the top teams might want to bring in. A quick look at who has won the major prizes in European competition and domestic leagues over the past few seasons will show them why the current system needs changes to be made. They’re all hypocrites though, and will bury their collective heads in the sand while the really big boys dry bum them.
    • Talk that we have agreed terms with Konate
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