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It would be highly amusing to ruin everynoe's team by resetting the league under the new rules.


Press that red button.


It will be interesting to see how this works. At the moment it looks like it will suit managers who have small squads (me). I should get a pretty decent change report with longball town either way. I got 10 visibles last season and 9 the one before... hope for +12 but expecting ~9. Damn injuries to key players.

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Avoided relegation with a 6-1 thrashing of Thants


Ended on


12 - 1 (long time injury)

13 - 6

14 - 5

15 - 5

16 - 1

17 - 1 - 9 bar 24yo. Not expecting a huge jump but i'd be disappointed if he isn't a 10 bar next season

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My best ever change report I think, and my first ever double jumper. It wasn't the 24/10 defender who has now finished with an average form of 16,16,17,17 - he dint't even go up!!


13 visible!

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This is rubbish this aint a sticky any more!!!


FG about to be promoted, second season in, !! Get In!


Good stuff mate. I just took a look at your team and what i cant understand is why you havent had any youth players come through? You really need to build the team off the back of 17/4 18/4 18/5 type players. It's a long road but it's the only way to develop a side.


Promote the youth players that come through, save cash and buy the odd 17/4 each season and train the bollocks off the younger players. It's going to be very tough for you next season so don't get disheartened.

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Would anyone be interested in a TLW VIP league?

We had one, but it died.


So I've taken the liberty of creating a new one.


LeagueID: 252667


Welcome aboard : )

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Not having been in this league too long, there are still a number of team and managers' names that I'm not familiar with and who they are on here. Can those who know, please fill in the missing names, please?


There are also a couple of unknowns in the newer Hyper League, for which there's also a list.


TLW Ultra League


Twisted Firestarters Moxter Moxter

Damos DohNuts* DamoRed Doh’Nuts

Neko FC* Neko_tlw Neko

FC Wollert Maniacs Hendrix1 Kurt

Kerry Spartans RedAvenger ???

Real Sandinista Cochcaer Cochcaer

General Portion Pasalaqcua ???

Cobra Kai Loadsoftrophies Loadsoftrophies

Fake Madrid Jamesh ???

Longball Town Longb4lls Longballs

Utonium CF Professor Owen

Team Madstock Madstock

February Stars ErixN Jon ???

Real Shite RRT RedRose T ???

Norton Folgate Stratosphear ???

McLovin FC CrouchieBoy CrouchieBoy

Felix Legions K_butler ???

Cuntegg Remmie Remmie

Real Mazarron Balompie Robbieoreardon RobbieO

Govan Athletic FC Nickrawl ???

Revolution Soccer The-Sir The Sir

The Ments are Coming Honesteddie ???

Paddys Hairband Paddysh PaddyBerger15

Killed By Death Emmab1 ???

Rapid Vienetta AnnyRoad Anny Road

No More Faith Skidfingers Skidfingers

Gelinas Vikings Llego Llego








TLW Hyper League


Dublinia DamoRed Doh’Nuts

FC Real Desperados Hendrix1 Kurt

Fanny Batter Utd Sptheghost The Ghost

The Poseurs Banger1 Banger

The Crass Monkeys Madstock Madstock

Bucaramanga Muisca Professor Owen

Aston Village People ElmynNoos Elmyn Noos

The Couch Potatoes K_butler ???

Spartak Sloth Bear IanSea Ian Sea

Fleet Town FC JeremyTLW Jeremy

Revolution Soccer The-Sir The Sir

Hairy FC Fowlers_god Fowler’s God

Dynamo Shrewsbury RedinSweden RedinSweden

Lez Eleven SheKnowsIt SheKnowsIt

War Pigs SkidfingersM... Skidfingers

Shit Abyss VerBajoElAgua ???

Hong Kong Hotshits Woolfc Woo

FC Radnicki Runcorn Kelster Kelster

ITK 11 YozzerTLW Yozzer

PhoenixXI PhoenixTLW Phoenix



Edit.. sorry about the formatting. It looked ok before I posted it, and it's not appearing how I want it even trying to space it properly here.

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Now at least I know one opponent I won't have next season. Twas an unexpected pleasure to get to beat you in the last game of the season :P Small compensation for the bumming you inflicted on me on the first day, with me an innocent Xpert11 virgin and all that.

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Xpert 11


Click on the link and join up. It is like fantasy football but it is done with fake players. there are quite a few like this but this one is a good laugh. If you are interested create a team and then join league number 54622, TLW Ultra League.


A bump/quote for this as the Professor is looking for 3 more teams to join the TLW Ultra League before we can get the next season started.

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