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A dustman is going along the street emptying wheely bins in to the truck when he spots a house yet to put their bin out, he goes round the back to look for it but to no avail.


The dustman knocks on the door, no reply, he knocks again and after a short while a chinaman opens the door.


'Harro' says the chinaman


'Alright, mate? Where's you're bin?' says the dustman


'I bin on the toilet' says the chinaman


Realising the confusion the dustman smiles and says 'No mate, where's your dust bin?'


'I just bin on the toilet like I said before' replied the little chinese fellow


'Mate, your misunderstanding me -where's your Wheely Bin?'


'OK OK' says the chinaman 'I wheely bin having a wank....'




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Pierre the French fighter pilot brings a lady back to his hotel room, they're fooling around when the bird stops and says:


* Imagine a French accent *

"Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her lips)


Pierre, gets a bottle of red wine and throws it on her face......


"Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?"

"I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, I like red wine with my red meat"


She thinks nothing of it and they carry on, a bit later she stops and says......


"Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her tits)


Pierre, gets a bottle of white wine and throws it on her chest......


"Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?"

"I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, I like white wine with my white meat"


She thinks nothing of it and they carry on, a bit later she stops and says......


"Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her crotch)


Pierre, gets a bottle of brandy, throws it at her and sets it light......


"Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?"

"I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, when I go down, I go down in flames!"









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At seminary the Bishop tells the 10 new priests that there is just one more test to do before they become Priests.


"This one will test your spiritual purity, so take all your clothes off."


The priests remove all their clothes and are standing their, in the courtyard, absolutely naked. The Bishop then ties a bell to each of their willies and announces that if the bell rings they will be kicked out of seminary and will never become a priest.


All of a sudden the most beautiful, perfect woman appears in front of them. She has the biggest most desirable breasts, a lovely round behind and long legs to die for. She starts to dance provacatively in front of them, not only that she starts to strip.


As the last item of clothing is removed she bends down directly in front of Brother Carlos. With that Brother Carlos's bell starts to ring violently, so strong does it ring that it flies off in front of all the naked priests.


Brother Carlos, completely naked and suitably embarrassed runs forward, bends down and picks up the bell.


"DINGALING" the cacophony of 9 ringing bells is deafening. ;)

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A man walks in to a bar with his pet crocodile,

The bartender sees him and says"what the hell are you doing you can't bring that in here"

The man says"o no he wouldnt hurt a fly", the bartender asks him to prove it, so the man puts his head in the crocs mouth and taps him on the head and it didnt flinch,

the bartender says thats not enough proof so the man sticks his nob in the crocs mouth and hits him on the head with a barstool and it still didnt flinch,

so the bartender says to the man well maybe it's trained not to hurt you,

so the man says to everyone in the pub does anyone else want a go,

then a little old women stands up and says "i will have a go but don't hit me too hard round thye head with a barstool.

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    • One of my favourite comedy movie teams.
    • John Barnes says he does believe Liverpool will regret missing out on the signature of Timo Werner because he was not fully committed to the joining them.

      Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign the RB Leipzig striker, despite the widely held view that the Reds were in prime position to seal the transfer.
        The news may have come as a shock as well as some disappointment to Liverpool fans who were looking forward to have another class forward joining the ranks.

      But it seems the only set of individuals not surprised were the club hierarchy themselves who were not rushed into reacting and engage in a bidding war with the West London club.

      John Barnes believes there is a clear reason for that as he explained to BonusCodeBets(via The Mirror).

      “Liverpool want players that want to play for Liverpool. I'm sure a lot of people were after [Virgil] van Dijk, but he wanted to come to Liverpool.

      "If they don't get a move on and Manchester City, Arsenal or Chelsea come in for him and he decides to go there, that's not the sort of player you want anyway.

      "Because he'll just go where they're going to pay him more money or he wasn't that committed to wanting to come to play for Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

      Jürgen Klopp does things in a very measured and strategic way, almost testing the nerve of the player regarding how much he wants to play for the club.

      Patience is the key and when they do sign on the dotted line, Klopp doesn’t just throw them to the wolves, instead he waits for the right time to bed them into the lineup.

      It could be the case that Klopp believed that Werner would grow impatient with that type of process, and therefore he was not the right man for the club.  

      Barnes believes that Werner may have failed the Klopp test and cited recent examples of World Class talents who were more than willing to join the Reds.

      "I don't think they have to get a move on, they didn't get a move on with Van Dijk or Alisson and a lot of people wanted them to, it's because they wanted to come. 

      “This is a test to see if he really wants to come and play for Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

      “Considering how things have panned out it seems Werner didn't pass Klopp's test, but at the same time Liverpool - who didn't meet the deadline - failed the forward's too.”

      Former Liverpool captain Jamie Redknapp agreed with his former club not purchasing Werner and questioned where he would fit in the lineup.

      “Who is going to replace. He’s a really good player, but we don’t know right now, is he better than Mane, Firmino, Salah?

      “It’s one of the best front three in the world right now so he doesn’t want to go somewhere and be a number two or a sub.

      “Will they regret it? You don’t know but that is what he has got to do. He has got to make Liverpool regret that decision, or at least make them think ‘I wish we had signed him.

      “For Liverpool, they have got to look at it and think, if you bring someone like him in it could upset the balance of them and maybe they might think, ‘would it be worth the risk to bring in another player.

      “They have three top-class players who don’t get many injuries, why risk upsetting balance.”

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    • He like Pulisic can play left or right... They will let go of Willian and Pedro I reckon. 
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