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Everton 2 Liverpool 3 - Prem (Apr 16 2001)

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Everton 2 LIVERPOOL 3

Report by Dave Usher



Scorer(s) – Emile Heskey, Markus Babbel, Gary Fucking Mac!

Half Time - 1-1

Venue - Goodison Park

Date - Mon 16 April 2001

Star Man – Didi Hamann / Markus Babbel











This was the first Goodison derby I've missed in ages, in fact I think the last one I missed was the game when Nicky Tanner scored his one and only Liverpool goal. The last time I saw us win there though, was the game when Jim Beglin broke his leg. As I mentioned in the Leeds report, I was offered a ticket for this game but turned it down, mainly because I didn't fancy us and that there's no worse place to go and see the reds lose than the Pit.


So I was stuck with Sky TV for the evening, and the inane ramblings of Dave Bassett. The evening got off to a despicable start, when our 'friendly neighbours' disrupted the minutes silence for the 96. Unfortunately, this was an entirely predictable turn of events, and if there is anyone out there who was surprised by it then you are obviously lucky enough not to know many Evertonians. I'm told that the reds' in the ground responded to it, which made things even worse. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to keep quiet until the minute is over, and then let rip into the disrespectful fuckers.


I'm sure that the vast majority of Evertonians in the the ground were appalled and ashamed of what went on, and it would be wrong to blame all Evertonians for what went on. However, to claim that is was just a tiny minority would be stretching the truth to breaking point. This is something that has been building for a while, with reports of blues singing Hillsborough songs in the Stanley Park pub after the Anfield derby earlier this season, and other isolated incidents becoming more and more frequent.


I've said many times that my loathing of Everton far eclipses that which I have for the mancs. Many reds can't understand that, but maybe after last night's goings on they're beginning to get the picture. As each year passes, the blues become more and more bitter and poisonous. You only have to look at the screwed up faces, all contorted with rage and bile, as they spew out venom towards anything connected with the reds. And that's just Ferguson, Unsworth and Ball, the fans are even worse.


Whenever any of our lads had to go near the crowd, you could see the abuse they were getting. I've just watched the re-run of the game on Sky this afternoon, and distinctly saw one bitter screaming "You fucking Nazi bastard" at Markus Babbel when he went over to take a throw in. Carragher took plenty of stick whenever he went to take a throw, and there were the usual 'smackhead' remarks directed at Fowler. Such friendly folk the blues. I'm going to leave it at that for now though, as once I get started on those bastards I could go on all day, and after all, there is a match to report on!


So what of the game? Well despite the best efforts of Jeff Winter - the most pretentious ref I've ever seen - to spoil the game, it will be remembered as one of the classic derbies of recent times. Not a great game in terms of football - well how could it be when one team was quite content to launch high ball after high ball up towards a big lumbering bag of shite with a criminal record - but in terms of incident this was as good as it gets.


I'll get the penalty incidents out of the way first. The ones which were given shouldn't have been. Fowler may have been impeded by Gough, but he had already lost the ball and I'd have been mightily pissed if that had been given against us. Not as pissed as I was when Sami was penalised after a tussle with the yard dog. Technically Sami's hand was on his shoulder, but if you are going to start giving pens for that Mr Winter, then be prepared to be awarding around about a dozen a game from now on.


Then there was the 'handball' from Carra just before Heskey's opener. What no-one in the media has mentioned is that Carra was well in control and was about to head the ball clear, before he was eased out of it by the arm of Ferguson. He pushed Carra under the ball, which was why he didn't get his head to it and it struck his arm. The correct decision should have been a free-kick to us, but the advantage worked in our favour so I'm not complaining.


They also had another 'handball' appeal against Hamann, but TV replays weren't conclusive and my feeling was that it struck Didi on the hip. If it did hit his arm, there was nothing he could have done about it and it was never a pen in a million years. They also claimed 'handball' against Gary Mac in the build up to the winning free kick, but having just watched it on Sky it looked like it hit him in the face. The point is that if I had a penny for every time I've heard 'handball' shouted at the Pit down the years I'd have enough to pay off the blueshite's crippling overdraft, and have enough left over to pay Howard Kendall's bar tab!


Then there were our penalty claims. The one on Vignal was as blatant as you'll see, yet Jeff Winter completely shit out of making the decision. Just as blatant, yet completely ignored by everyone (except GH in his post match interview), was the one by Unsworth on Smicer. Sky didn't even deem it worthy of a replay, yet it was a definite foul. No doubt the bitters will conveniently overlook that when they're bleating about being screwed by yet another ref in a derby.


Things were going well at 1-0, as we were in complete control and looking good. Then one alehouse ball and a scramble in the box later and they were level, and we were subjected to the horrible sight of Drunken cavorting around topless. At this point I was worried, and thought that the second half would see more of them launching it up there and battling for scraps. That's what happened, but a lightning counter attack saw us regain the lead. It was a great goal by Markus, and one that he totally deserved. I've noticed several times this season that whenever we get a chance for a counter attack like that, Babbel is always busting a gut to get forward. This was his reward for that. Nice one lad.


Then of course came Robbie's missed pen. I wouldn't say I expected him to miss, but he didn't look entirely comfortable as he stepped up to take it. Even so, it wasn't a bad penalty and was more unlucky than anything. I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking that was going to prove to be a turning point, and when Igor stupidly got himself sent off (even though he didn't even come close to making contact with Unsworth - the fat cheating twat - he was stupid for diving in like that) it was inevitable that we'd let one in.


The penalty decision was one of the worst I've seen, but it was in-keeping with the overall performance of Winter. Unsworth never misses from the spot, so it was always going to be a goal. At that point it was all too much for me to take, and I had to get away. I ended up going into the garden, as I felt physically sick and just couldn't watch it any more. That's never happened to me before, but I just couldn't handle it. The prospect of losing to that shower of shite was something that made me feel sick to my stomach, so I just got out of there.


Ten minutes later though there was an almighty roar from my living room, which could signal only one thing. I raced back into the house just in time to see Gary Mac being swamped by his team-mates, and various members of my immediate family in a state of jubilation. I couldn't believe what had happened, and I have to say that this win meant more to me that the one at Old Trafford, purely because of the manner in which it came, and also because of the effect it would have on the bitter bastards.


I was at Old Trafford and it was a magnificent feeling, but last night I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I still can't now. Beating them at Anfield was satisfying, but winning at the Pit was as sweet as it gets. I should stay away more often I think!


I couldn't separate Hamann and Babbel for the star man award, as I thought they were both outstanding. Gary Mac also had a good game, and could have won the award for that goal alone. With that one moment of genius, Gary Mac has written himself into Liverpool folklore. This is turning out to be a memorable season indeed, with doubles over the blueshite and munsters, one cup already in the bag, another final to come and possibly a place in the UEFA Cup final as well. After this, our lads will be absolutely flying. Bring on Barca!



TEAM: Sander Westerveld; Markus Babbel, Stephane Henchoz, Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher; Igor Biscan, Gary McAllister, Dietmar Hamann, Vladimir Smicer; Robbie Fowler (Gregory Vignal) Emile Heskey:

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