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2024/25 Premier League fixtures 18/06/24 09:00am

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1 hour ago, Pidge said:

City's Dec/Jan run is a walk in the park. They have a tougher February, but if they get through that they'll prob have the league sewn up by March.

Their end of Jan/Feb is an absolute twat of a run.


They have on the bounce:









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The 12.30 really doesn't matter for a first game. Ipswich away is a very acceptable start.


Glad that Old Trafford and whatever fresh misery our players can inflict on us from there will be done and dusted in August. 

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On 17/06/2024 at 09:18, Anubis said:

We’ll get a newly promoted team again for the first game. Probably Ipswich because they’re new and shiny.



Anyone want tonight's lottery numbers?

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Full fixtures with Champions League dates, FA Cup dates and international breaks added. League Cup schedule isn't currently available, I assume they're still being finalised, but I have added the date when I think the final will be as it's usually the final Sunday of February. WE're due to play City that weekend so there's a decent chance that game will end up having to be rearranged.


We have a tough run of games from the end of November to the start of January, and that run at the end of April/beginning of May also looks tough.


August 2024


Saturday 17th August

Premier League

Ipswich Town 12:30 Liverpool


Saturday 24th August

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Brentford


Saturday 31st August

Premier League

Manchester United 15:00 Liverpool


September 2024


International Break


Saturday 14th September

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Nottingham Forest


Champions League Match 1


Saturday 21st September

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Bournemouth


Saturday 28th September

Premier League

Wolverhampton Wanderers 15:00 Liverpool


October 2024


Champions League Match 2


Saturday 5th October

Premier League

Crystal Palace 15:00 Liverpool


International Break


Saturday 19th October

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Chelsea


Champions League Match 3


Saturday 26th October

Premier League

Arsenal 15:00 Liverpool


November 2024


Saturday 2nd November

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Brighton and Hove Albion


Champions League Match 4


Saturday 9th November

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Aston Villa


International Break


Saturday 23rd November

Premier League

Southampton 15:00 Liverpool


Champions League Match 5


Saturday 30th November

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Manchester City


December 2024


Wednesday 4th December

Premier League

Newcastle United 19:45 Liverpool


Saturday 7th December

Premier League

Everton 15:00 Liverpool


Champions League Match 6


Saturday 14th December

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Fulham


Saturday 21st December

Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur 15:00 Liverpool


Thursday 26th December

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Leicester City


Sunday 29th December

Premier League

West Ham United 15:00 Liverpool


January 2025


Saturday 4th January

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Manchester United


FA Cup Third Round 11 January 2025


Tuesday 14th January

Premier League

Nottingham Forest 19:45 Liverpool


Saturday 18th January

Premier League

Brentford 15:00 Liverpool


Champions League Match 7


Saturday 25th January

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Ipswich Town


Champions League Match 8


February 2025


Saturday 1st February

Premier League

Bournemouth 15:00 Liverpool


FA Cup Fourth Round 8 February 2025


Champions League Knockout Round Playoffs Match 1


Saturday 15th February

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers


Champions League Knockout Round Playoffs Match 2


Saturday 22nd February - (*Possibly the League Cup final being played this weekend)

Premier League

Manchester City 15:00 Liverpool


Wednesday 26th February

Premier League

Liverpool 20:00 Newcastle United


March 2025


Champions League Last 16 Match 1


FA Cup Fifth Round 1 March 2025


Saturday 8th March

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Southampton


Champions League Last 16 Match 2


Saturday 15th March

Premier League

Aston Villa 15:00 Liverpool


International Break


FA Cup Quarter Finals 29 March 2025


April 2025


Wednesday 2nd April

Premier League

Liverpool 20:00 Everton


Saturday 5th April

Premier League

Fulham 15:00 Liverpool


Champions League Quarter-Finals  Match 1


Saturday 12th April

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 West Ham United


Champions League Quarter-Finals  Match 2


Saturday 19th April

Premier League

Leicester City 15:00 Liverpool


FA Cup Semi Finals 26 April 2025


Saturday 26th April

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur


Champions League Semi-Finals  Match 1


May 2025


Saturday 3rd May

Premier League

Chelsea 15:00 Liverpool


Champions League Semi-Finals  Match 2


Saturday 10th May

Premier League

Liverpool 15:00 Arsenal


FA Cup Final 17 May 2025


Sunday 18th May

Premier League

Brighton and Hove Albion 15:00 Liverpool


Sunday 25th May

Premier League

Liverpool 16:00 Crystal Palace


Saturday 31st May

Champions League Final

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7 hours ago, Turkish Delight said:

Nice of them to box City off with a good run in again. Should be a good few on the beach there.


Palace (h)

Everton (a)

Villa (h)

Wolves (h)

Southampton (a)

Bournemouth (h)

Fulham (a)

Their last potentially tricky fixture is Spurs away towards the end of February. They’ve got a guaranteed 33 points from their last 11 games.

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20 minutes ago, sir roger said:

BBC reporting that it may cause a problem for Everton 's goodbye to the Old Lady if they get to the FA Cup final.



It may cause a problem with my wife if i shag Katy Perry....

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Klopp said a hundred times that he had no problems with 12.30 kick offs per se, just asked for a fair crack of the ones after a CL away game, but the fucking BBC et al are still dragging him up about this shite.

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16 hours ago, Haan'sThunderbolt said:

Funny how the 'computer' picked Ipswich away at 12:30......


I had a read about this. The computer picks a random set of fixtures based on criteria that it's given. Them some fella makes manual adjustments.


He can basically do what he wants with them inside the parameters they us.

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On 18/06/2024 at 16:55, Scott_M said:

I’m in Las Vegas the day the season starts, I’ll need to be at 4am to watch it.

If you fully immerse yourself into the Vegas experience you won’t know what time of day it is

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  • 2 weeks later...


Three of Liverpool’s Premier League fixtures in August and September have now been rescheduled.


See the new details for those games below, with times in BST.

  • Liverpool v Brentford – Sunday August 25, kick-off 4.30pm 
  • Manchester United v Liverpool – Sunday September 1, kick-off TBC 
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool – Saturday September 28, kick-off 5.30pm

All three matches will be shown live on Sky Sports in the UK.

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