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Featured: That was the Week that Was (May 6-10 2024)

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Monday May 6:


Goldbridge confirms he’s received a “cease and desist” order from Man City to stop talking about the 115 charges. He won’t stop talking about it, but it’s interesting that both he and Tony Evans have now said they’ve had these letters. No doubt loads of others have too. Might explain why Sky never mention it for example, yet when Carra is on CBS he’s happy to throw it out there. Fact is, City are cheats. They’ve been found guilty of it previously so anybody calling them cheats is only stating the truth. These cunts think they can lawyer their way out of everything. They usually can. Hopefully not this time, this isn’t those UEFA pussies they’ve taking on, they’re messing with Mark fucking Goldbridge now.


This Nunez stuff is all a bit weird. The assumption was that he’s been getting shit on social media from the usual cunts who do that kind of thing. Some have said his wife has been getting messages and ‘death threats’ too, but they’ve both had comments switched off for a while so unless they’ve been getting DMs (and I don’t know if this is even possible) then where are these messages? No-one knows why he deleted all his LFC posts. I've seen some saying it's because he's just switched from Nike to adidas so didn't want anything with the Nike kit on, but that seems fucking ludicrous and I'm not buying it. Whatever the reason, it seems a bit pointless as what has he achieved by it?


Sports people do shit like this all the time though, and I never really understand what they’re hoping to achieve by it. At least he didn't unfollow the club or remove us from his bio like other players in various sports have done. From what I’ve heard today, the club don’t see it as a big deal and feel it’s a storm in a teacup like Mo and Klopp’s spat last week. I hope so, but he really needs a fucking goal right now to quieten this noise.


Meanwhile, United got humiliated at Selhurst Park tonight. I’ll cover the shitness of United in the round up, but one thing I wanted to say here is that Palace signed Adam Wharton in January and since then he’s probably been one of the top five midfielders in the league. He’s brilliant and he’s only 20. They got him from Blackburn, who we will have seen a fair bit of because Tyler Morton was on loan there last season. How did we let him end up at Palace when we needed midfielders last summer? Well the simple answer to that is we didn’t have the proper structure in place. Ibiza Jorg wasn't going to be doing any shopping in Lancashire. You’d like to think if there’s another talent like that out there this summer though then Hughes and Edwards will be on top of it. Palace will probably sell him in a couple of years for triple what they paid for him. And before that, they’ll do the same with Olise and then Eze, who are both brilliant as well. I wouldn't be in favour of us signing any of them for what Palace would be asking for. Sign them before Palace do is what we should be doing.


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Wasps are utter cunts. When I was a kid- 8 or 9 probably- every night during Spring, I could hear a rasping noise coming from a covered up vent in the top of my bedroom. One night, about a dozen wasps boiled out of it like some fucking bomber squadron come to annihilate a city. The fuckers had been building a nest over several months. My Nan had to evacuate her house as a nest had been built inside her bricked up chimney and the cunts came out one day- her curtains were covered in the horrible things, like some fabric made of wasps. She was really ill at the time, had to call an ambulance, and the paramedics took one look at this seething mass of yellow and black fuckers, and dragged her out of the house immediately.


Wasps are utter cunts.

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If Klopp is asked for his comments on Webb, Tierney and the rest of the PGMOL, I really hope he keeps his thoughts to himself. The last thing Slot needs is another vendetta against the club.  

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“There was some lad from Burnley who said he was scared of wasps and runs away from them. He wasn’t even making light of it, he was really serious about how much he hates them and I’m sat there nodding my head in agreement with him. I’m nowhere near as bad as I was when I was younger though. One time I was off for the summer when I was in college, and I rang my dad at work and told him he needed to come home because I wanted to go out but I couldn’t because there was a wasp in the living room and my wallet was in there. He told me to do one, so I stayed in that day and waited for my mum to come home and kill the wasp. Shameful, I know. I wouldn’t do that now of course. I’d just go out without my wallet.”


We really need to bring back shame and bullying in our culture.

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