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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Aug 1-5 2022)

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Monday Aug 1:


The England women won the Euros yesterday so good for them. I didn’t watch any of the tournament before this and wasn’t going to watch any of the final either, for no other reason than I don’t give much a fuck about it. Not because it’s women, but because I’m just not interested. I’ve got nothing derogatory to say about women’s footy at all, any time I've watched it I've thought the standard was good, it's just that I don’t really care about it. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t watch the Scottish Cup final or a Serie A game. Nothing against it, I’d just rather spend my time doing something else.


But Adrianna decided to put it on (she hadn't watched any of it prior to the final either) and because I was in the room I got to see a decent chunk of the game. I didn’t cheer when they scored but I was pleased for them and posted in the group chat about what a boss finish it was and that “Nunez should have done that with his chance yesterday”.


When Germany equalised I felt something approaching disappointment. Had that been the men I’d have been laughing my head off. Clearly my disdain for England does not extend to the women’s team or the fans of it. I had to go out so didn’t see extra time but I’m glad they won. 


You know what’s funny though? All of a sudden you’ve got people trying to make out this is the same as the men winning something. Not because they see women’s footy as equal to the men’s game, but because they’re so desperate to hitch themselves to any trophy laden English wagon. “The 56 year wait is over!!” I kept hearing on Talksport and on the news last night. Is it fuck! Don’t be piggy backing on the success of the women just because the men are shit. 


Let them enjoy their own success without patronisingly trying to put them on equal footing with the men’s game and making out this is like 1966. It isn’t and trying to suggest otherwise just demeans what they achieved and makes those who talk it down rebel against it even more. Just celebrate it for what it is. The English women are European Champions, it's has nothing to do with the men's game though. Hopefully it gives their league a boost because the attendances are pretty shite. 


Meanwhile, we had a friendly yesterday. It was essentially a reserve game even though it was played at Anfield in front of fans. We lost 3-0 to Strasbourg so I’m not bothering with any catch up of it either. I did see some complaining on twitter about the team and some were even saying the game was sold to fans on ‘false pretences’. 


Fuck off. If you bought a ticket for this thinking that Salah and Van Dijk and Nunez etc would be playing then more fool you. It’s the day after the Community Shield. The only players who were going to feature in this were the ones who missed out against City. In other words, the squad players and kids.


What made the line up weaker was the number of injuries we have. Jones and Keita pulled out of this one, while Jota, Alisson and Kostas are all out too. Calvin Ramsay hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet as he’s injured too, so the team was as strong as Klopp could have picked. I doubt anyone who actually paid to go had any problem as they knew the situation. It’s the fucking internet cry babies complaining on their behalf. Always have to have something to moan about.


As for today’s news, there were some quite revealing quote from Nunez about how hard he found it when he first got here. Basically to paraphrase, he was shit in his early training sessions and couldn’t do anything right because he was trying too hard to impress and justify his fee. He said the lads helped him and a chat with Mo was the main turning point.


I found this interesting because I was only thinking yesterday that whenever any of the lads have spoken about him it’s been carefully worded and not particularly effusive. They haven’t been saying how incredible he is, it’s all been about how he needs to work hard, learn how we play and that his quality will shine through. It kind of makes sense now if he was shite in his first week or two. I bet he’s fucking flying now though.



This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article


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I saw that ‘how was your summer’ question by the baldy one. I’m going to be hated but I was glad Jurgen said he doesn’t play golf! Ha, that stopped Pep in his tracks.

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You know that Pep's golf question was a hopeful lead up to a "We should play" question. Trying to get some of Jurgen's shine and only getting short shrift, caught on camera, priceless.

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'De Jong, which frankly, (or if you prefer, frenkly)' 

Peak Usher that. Might as well hang up your boots now, quite frenkly. Steve Martin would be proud. 

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