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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Jun 27-Jul 1 2022)

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Monday Jun 27:


Ok Spurs are defo trolling everyone now. Not only do they want to add Richarlison to Kane and Son, the fuckers are also trying to get Anthony Gordon as well! Fuck me, why not try and get Drogba out of retirement too. Or bid for Neymar. They’re trying to assemble an Olympic diving team here, they're going to completely detestable this season. 


All joking aside though, that Gordon is fucking shit. He’s an attacking player who never fucking scores. Diving is his biggest skill and if he went to Spurs he’d never get a game because he’s a Championship level player. I don’t know why they would even have any interest in him at all. Mind you, I don’t know why they want the incredibly average Richarlison either. If his passport was Estonian and not Brazilian the cunt would be playing for someone like…. well, Everton.


My point is that Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal wouldn’t be looking twice at him. Although in fairness, I sincerely doubt that there is serious interest in him from Chelsea, or even Arsenal. But his agent is that Joorachian twat so he’ll be briefing the press with all sorts of duff info to drum up interest.


Staying with Everton, some fucking mad comments from Andros Townsend today.


“I love how Jurgen Klopp has found a way to get his own way. He’s been moaning for years. They have been pushing back and finally they have given him his five substitutions.”


I mean, fucking hell. Every major in league in Europe has it. The Champions League has it. The FA Cup has it. The League Cup has it. In fact, every competition worth its salt had it except the Premier League. They finally fall into line with everyone else and somehow this is Klopp “getting his own way”. He didn’t invent the idea, he just wanted the Premier League to do what everyone else was doing because it makes sense.


Honestly, Townsend always came across quite well in the past, but there’s just something about Everton that absolutely fucks with people and turns them into bitter, twisted, vile little fucking warped creatures. Everton are basically “the One Ring”. People go there as Smeagol but within a few months they’re full on raging mad Gollums. It happens all the time. Previously sane and normal people just become massive, frothing at the mouth cunts. Roberto Martinez was the nicest man in the world until he went there. Ancelotti too. The only one who was able to withstand its power was Koeman, who I guess is Frodo Baggins.


Once Everton touches you….





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Completely agree about Hamann who’s turned into a total and utter first rate Melt. He never opens his gob unless it’s to trash the team or one of the players. Twitchey fucker… 

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