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Love Island 2022

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14 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

It was interesting the four people that have been voted out so far are all black, I'm sure that's just coincidence.

It's always the same mate

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35 minutes ago, Fowlers God said:

Paige is unreal


blond bird is ace


ekin su would be one great fuck but she is not stable at all

It's still ace. Needs livening up a bit this year compared to others but I'm invested (In tits and arse) 


Paige: The number 1. I actually think she's the hottest they've ever had. Bonus on top is that she seems fucking sound as well. No drama with her. She's coupled up with a little nobhead though. 


Indiyah: Really like her, amazing eyes. Not a fan of that nose jewellery that looks like snot but she's a comfortable second. 


Tasha: She's great to look at, really pretty but there is something about her that's snide. She's playing it safe with her fella but would jump if asked by another lad. 


Amber: Not surprised she's gone, a bit boring. 


Afia: What was she even doing in it? The most predictable 2 day elimination ever. 


Ekin-Su: Absolute tramp. A truly dangerous girl, you can tell by the eyes. You wouldn't trust her to make you a cup of tea. Sexy as hell though. 


Danica: I can't work out if she's hot or not. Weird one. Great eyes and an amazing body (her arse is truly fantastic) but she talks really annoyingly. 


Gemma (Owen): Can. Not. Stand. Her. I'm glad they've stopped making each episode all about her. So up herself it's pathetic. 


Antigoni (The new girl): Not my type looks wise but I can appreciate her however she seems proper sound. I hope she causes some shit. 








P>>#]]]223n cqoifu19p17g;u0

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Just now, Fowlers God said:

Yeah that Jaques is a proper twat. 

Also Love Island Winter just announced 

They should just keep it as the summer one. I watched a little bit of the aussie one a few winters back and the standard of women was much higher but the cunt levels were astronomical. 

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