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Henderson: Divock has been such a special person for this club and city

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Whatever happens come the final whistle today there is bound to be emotional scenes as Anfield farewells a player they have truly taken to heart in Divock Origi.


Over the years the Belgian has struck up a truly unique relationship with the Liverpool base at large and especially those regular match goers at Anfield.


Origi was signed from Lille in the summer of 2014 but stayed at the French club for a extra season.


Usually when that happens, it is meant to grow more confidence and experience in a young player before making the big step up.


While he did get plenty of games, being voted by local publication L'Equipe  in the 'Worst XI' of the 2014/5 Ligue 1 Season was certainly not the label that he would envisioned carrying before making his Premier League debut. 


But to his great credit, he did not let that sort of critical feedback define him in his first season and under new manager Jurgen Klopp he struck up a great working relationship which has only blossomed over time.


The great strikers of Liverpool just roll off the tongue over time and it is fair to say Origi is not in the same category as a Rush, Fowler, Owen or Suarez for instance.


While there has been times when the languid style of the No 27 has frustrated fans especially when he is such a physically blessed specimen, every player is different in their make-up.


But it is not the weight of goals that have defined Origi's 175 appearances over seven full seasons,  instead it is what is fondly called as “Big Div moments.”




From Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona, Origi has been the player for the big occasion and will be remembered by this generation of Reds fans, players and coaching staff forever more.


Jordan Henderson is one of the eloquent Footballers around, and in today’s match day programme (per TThe Mirror) he paid the perfect tribute for his work on and off the pitch.


"It looks like today will be Divock’s last at Anfield for Liverpool so I hope he gets the kind of send-off he deserves.


“Actually I know that he will because he has been such a special player for us, but he is also an incredible person who has taken this city and its people to his heart.


“His legacy will be his achievements for this club, but it will also be the good causes he has supported, like the local students he is helping to put through university.


“Today should be a celebration no matter what happens and as club captain I will certainly be celebrating Divock and wishing him all the best for the future. The big fella deserves nothing less.”




Trent Alexander-Arnold also wanted to pay his tribute to his long-time teammate.


What a guy, what a man, what a player. Definitely over the course of the stint the manager has been in, he has definitely had the most iconic moments, that will live in the memory of all the fans. He will go down in history. 


“He is always putting in performances, always trying his best, always working his hardest. It’ll be sad to see him leave but he is more than deserving of a big send-off and a big farewell on Sunday or in Paris.


Two more games left in this remarkable season, certainly enough time for Div to add to his legacy.


You wouldn't rule it out.





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He seems like one of the most decent of a whole squad of exceptionally good-natured players. I've often speeculated that he's maybe too intelligent, in a way, to maximise the natural talent that he has as a striker. I mean that many of the top strikers ignore rational expectations when they hunt down goal chances: they close down keepers when 999 times out of 1000 they know the keeper will just clear the ball; they'll chase defenders who hardly ever mistakes because they know that maybe just one time they might slip or stumble; they're basically forever playing the lottery. Div, to me, often seems to play the percentages. He's quick to react but not so quick to anticipate. That doesn't mean there's a big actual difference in most games, but he just lacks a bit of the madness that makes, say, a Suarez or a Fowler able to force an error that didn't seem to be likely to happen. 


He certainly seems to need to have the right feeling for the club and the team and the context to play to his best talents. His spells away underline that. But the way he was starting to play before Everton provided one of their own 'ifithadnthavebeenfor' moments and crocked him for a few months - he really looked exciting and dangerous.


It's sad that, for whatever reasons, he hasn't really recaptured that run of form, and he HAS had some chances to do so, but what moments he's given us, in spite of that. You can't do anything but wish him the best.

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