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Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2 (May 10 2022)

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Report by
Dave Usher


This was never going to be easy and the only thing that mattered was the points. Yeah, we might need to claw back that goal difference at some point but this wasn’t the night for that. A rabid home crowd and an energised opponent all wanting to have their ‘Crystal Palace moment’, coupled with a lot of changes in our side guaranteed this was going to be a grind. And it was.


Villa have been shite for months. They’ve won a few games recently but only against bums. Maybe if they’d been as up for all of those games as they were for this one they’d be pushing for a European spot. It’s embarrassing seeing how fired up some of these fans are when they play us. But everyone wants us to win the title. 


Villa started the game really well and we didn’t. Even before the goal it was clear they were at it and we would need time to settle. Then they scored after just a few minutes. The goal should never have stood of course, but it was also alarming how ragged we looked. 


Watkins was offside and should have been flagged, but the ease with which he beat Virgil to get a shot away was surprising. Alisson saved it and the ball went out wide. No flag from the lino, which was surprising as they don’t usually miss ones that obvious. The cross comes in and isn’t cleared. It ends up on the other flank, another cross comes in and they score.


Now here’s the thing. We never got the ball back after that initial attack, so how is that a different phase of play? The entire thing only happens because an offside player runs through and has a shot. Did the lino not see it or did he just think VAR would sort it out?


I’m fine with him making a mistake but why did VAR not go back and correct it? It’s bad enough when it actually is another phase of play but this clearly wasn’t. The only Liverpool player to even touch the ball from when Watkins ran through to when Douglas Luiz scored was Alisson, who made two saves. How the fuck was that allowed to stand? 


Officials can make mistakes and that’s fine. But VAR is meant to be the safety net for that. Shit like this can decide where the title goes. In fact, it probably has already if you look at the staggering decisions City got against Wolves and Everton, not to mention what happened to us at Spurs. It’s not good enough.



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The fans being up for it so much more against us is so true...


They were standing across most parts of the ground last night - you never see that usually for their league games.


We really are everyones cup final aren't we.


For me it is down to our history and fact we have across the decades had rivalries and competed for honours with all these clubs....The oil cheats don't have that history and there isn't that feeling towards them.


It is also very much IMO down to this as well....


One of the biggest reasons we are so widely hated  is largely down to fact that we have 'fans' all over the rest of the country, and supporters of other clubs have to put up with our fans every day at school, work, in the ale house etc etc.


Other clubs (Man Utd aside) just don't have same presence all over - Man City certainly don't and therefore are not universally hated....it must (and i know it does because i have heard people say it does) really nark people who have to listen to their local people, born/raised etc in their local town give it the big one about LFC to them....


People take it genuinely badly when what they see as 'glory hunters' basically betray their own towns/cities to 'support' us and compound it by giving it the big one.


I moved to London years ago and I remember a West Ham fan at our work saying to me how much he hated all the 'cockney reds' at work, and how as a result he developed a real hatred of LFC and i remember Tottenham and Arsenal fans saying same thing...and thing is these 'fans' they refer to are often the worst sort - clueless, sneering about the locals 'shit' teams and often so lacking in knowledge about game.


They then have a massive presence online too which then builds up the perception in other clubs fans minds all our fans are same dickheads/clueless pricks....and it builds hatred.


Imagine being a born and bred native of say Southampton for example and having to listen to another born and bred native of Southampton call Southampton FC shite and go on about how 'we' (Liverpool) are better than you/giving it the big one after beating you.....that happens in more or less every city and town across the land - and other clubs fans hate us as a result, because our club is a constant presence to them day in day out.


Man Utd are the only other club with same presence and they are hated a lot too.


Add that to a large dislike of us amongst people old enough to have lived through our dominance, and the generally quite high levels of anti scouse sentiment that exists and it explains the hate pretty well.


It will change if Man City dominate for a long time...My lad is 11 and he says there are two Man City fans in his class at school - i know from speaking with their parents that they are not Mancs and the one lad openly said to my lad "I support Man City because they are the best team"....this will grow and become more prevalent across the country and when it does then fans of other clubs will start being bothered about them - but it will take a long time.

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2 hours ago, tlw content said:

...we need more from {Naby} than this. The chance he missed in the first half was pathetic... {and he should have done better for their goal that should never have stood} ...we see glimpses of what he can do but glimpses is mostly all it is. We need him to step up now as Fabinho will be out and Keita is likely to start out games. Time to deliver.

Time to deliver? He doesn't and he never will. Fuck me ragged how much time does a player need?

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3 hours ago, alles ist gut said:

Top, top “how many goals should you get for spending £100 million?” analysis there, Dave.

I'm not very good at these stats but since joining us in 2018 for £54 million, Naby Keita has:

Played 109 matches with 11 goals and 5 assists


Played 74 matches with 7 goals and 5 assists.

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