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Benfica (H) - UCL Quarter Final 2nd leg, Wed 13th Apr 2022 (8:00pm)

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    • Why did she not pull him on air why go to Twitter? That Euro womens tournament had 3/4 good teams, cream of Europe. 
    • Another strange case of Desperate feeling the coins click.       Whisper it gently but he's 100% correct. Energy companies should really be given fuvk all. Lucky not to be in jail.
    • Well, I'd say capping yearly cost of the bills to 1.9k instead of the 4.2k at a cost of 29bn counts as helping people to be honest. I don't think it's an ideal plan - I'm not sure there is one that doesn't involve major policy changes as a fucking lot of debt - but this plan would go a long way to protecting people from serious hardship an debt, which I think is decent, and it does it at the expense of both the energy companies and by reducing inflation. So it's not terrible in terms of helping people or in terms of actually being implementable.  
    • I'd say that's part of the problem. Maybe I'm wrong, but suggesting that a player who captained Liverpool at the highest level, during its most successful era, should defer to someone who got 100 caps for England's women, when the standard was still far, far, far, inferior to the equivalent in the men's game, in comparatively low pressure games and events, is just delusional. If Souness was guest pundit on a women's game, and he was more capped and successful than the female pundit, would she be criticised in the same way for not deferring to him??    I like Carney, I think she's one of the best new pundits of either sex that's arrived in recent times, but she's no more the authority on the men's game that Souness would be on the women's game.   The writer of the above article blatantly benefited from the need to recruit women at the Echo. Without showing any significant writing or reporting ability, she got fast-tracked, got added to the Echo podcasts (where she spoke as if on a sponsored wafflethon) and then, astoundingly, got taken up by the Athletic. It's a tad cheeky for her of all people to make this kind of lofty denunciation.
    • Yeah it's a bit much to not only throw him into the team with little time to adapt but to throw him into a back 2 in a dysfunctional defence.   In a 3 at least you can compensate and shuffle him out wider instead of him just getting abused by taller players.   That's why I think giving him a Mascherano style role in the midfield would be a decent half way house for him. Takes the absolute defensive duties away for him and gives him license to be snapping into tackles further forward, if you want to move him further back down the line you still can.