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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Dec 27-31 2021)

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Monday Dec 27:


Guardiola insists fans should wear masks at all times in the stadium. I don’t have any issue with the message (I’ve worn a mask for the entirety of the last two home games) but I sure as hell have a problem with the messenger. When your squad are fully vaccinated then maybe you’re in a position to comment on what the rest of us should do. But he said a couple of weeks ago that some of his players aren’t. They shouldn’t allowed in the stadium then. If we have to have proof of our vaccination status to attend games how come players don’t?


His team were 4-0 up after 25 minutes against Leicester yesterday. One of those was a farcical penalty awarded by VAR. Who was the VAR? Paul Tierney. Who was the on field ref? Chris Kavanagh. Two Manchester refs. You couldn’t make this shit up. Last week, when it was us, the bar for how much contact constitutes a penalty kick was so high that Peter Crouch couldn’t reach it. Now, when it’s City, it’s so low that even Bernardo Silva can’t walk under it.


It ended up 6-3 and Leicester actually got within a goal of them at one stage, but it’s pretty fucking galling how they’re getting to play against all these weakened opponents and they’ve wiped out our goal difference advantage in about a week. We were nine goals better than them before they played Leeds. 


Now it’s just a case of us having to keep winning games just to stay with them until they drop points again, which they will. People need to remember that they lost at home to Palace and drew 0-0 with Southampton. They aren’t unstoppable but they are really good front runners. The key to overcoming them is to stay with them when they have these big winning runs. That’s what we have to do, starting with tomorrow night’s game at Leicester. There’s a chance there to not only win, but also win handsomely and claw back some of the damage that’s been done to our goal difference.


Leicester will be weakened further tomorrow night as many of their regular starters featured at the Etihad today and will be knackered. They’ve got a few to come back in, but we’ll be full strength and coming off six days rest. Let’s go and fuck them all over the place like we did two years ago when we came back from the World Club Cup. That was one of our best performances under Klopp, so let’s do that again.


Staying with Leicester, Ricardo says he’s lucky his season wasn’t needed by that Tyler Morton challenge last week. He fractured his tibia and will miss 6-8 weeks. It was a really bad one and Tyler is lucky there is no VAR in the cup or he’d have seen red and we’d be out. Needs to learn from that.



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The people who should have took the fight to city where the likes of fat Sam, warlock, Hodgson etc. But they all lack city's arse.

Football is just getting more depressing. I never gave city's covid figures a thought but got to agree it doesn't sit right.

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Friends was never my thing. Just couldn’t get any of the 90s American sitcoms in my teens. Friends in particular felt hokey, lame and for girls. 

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    • Depends if we want to spend around 50m for a Fabinho alternative. I doubt that. The more likely scenario if we sign him is if we think he could play further forward. And then I suppose he could fill in at 6 if Fabinho is injured.   I really would be surprised if we signed him, though. It just doesn't seem like the profile we'll look at.
    • Surprised at Nigeria's exit who I thought would go all the way to the final. Equally surprised that Comors made it to the last 16 at the expense of giants like Ghana, Algeria...My money now would be on I Coast/Cameroon. But wouldn't be shocked now if OLD Egypt pulls through. Anyways, the standard of African football remains dire.
    • One of the biggest reasons we are so widely hated by fans of clubs all over the land is this:   It is largely down to fact that we have 'fans' all over the rest of the country, and supporters of other clubs have to put up with our fans every day at school, work, in the ale house etc etc.   Other clubs (Man Utd aside) just don't have same presence all over and therefore are not universally hated....it must (and i know it does because i have heard people say it does) really nark people who have to listen to their local people, born/raised etc in their local town give it the big one about LFC to them....   People take it genuinely badly when what they see as 'glory hunters' basically betray their own towns/cities to 'support' us and compound it by giving it the big one.   I moved to London years ago and I remember a West Ham fan at our work saying to me how much he hated all the 'cockney reds' at work, and how as a result he developed a real hatred of LFC and i remember Tottenham and Arsenal fans saying same thing...and thing is these 'fans' they refer to are often the worst sort - clueless, sneering about the locals 'shit' teams and often so lacking in knowledge about game.   They then have a massive presence online too which then builds up the perception in other clubs fans minds all our fans are same dickheads/clueless pricks....and it builds hatred.   Imagine being a born and bred native of say Southampton for example and having to listen to another born and bred native of Southampton call Southampton FC shite and go on about how 'we' (Liverpool) are better than you/giving it the big one after beating you.....that happens in more or less every city and town across the land - and other clubs fans hate us as a result, because our club is a constant presence to them day in day out.   Man Utd are the only other club with same presence and they are hated a lot too.   Add that to a large dislike of us amongst people old enough to have lived through our dominance, and the generally quite high levels of anti scouse sentiment that exists and it explains the hate pretty well.