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Jennings' Snivelling-Fat-Ugly-Knicker-Wetting TLW quiz of the year

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Roll up! Roll up!
Step up for the TLW competition of the year. A quiz where YOU may be the answer!! 
It's a quiz about all things TLW. How good is your knowledge of the forum?


All questions and answers are to do with legendary posts, posters and moments.


Become the envy of the forum by acquiring the title the "Official TLW guru" 
(previously held by @Chairman Meow -- No pressure, but @Chairman Meow got 100% last time!!!)



You can use "Official TLW guru" as your forum-rank/title throughout 2020. 

    • After clicking the link below, you'll need to enter a NickName:-
        ○ Don't use swear words. The software will change it to something random and I wont be able to work out who you are. 
        ○ Try to make it so I can work out your username from it. Use your forum username if you can.
    • You only get a limited time (20 secs) to answer each question.
    • Each question is timed. The faster you answer a question, the more points you score.
    • Only one entry per forumite. (multiple attempts will be disqualified and you will be lampooned on the forum).
        ○ If it times-out or crashes or something then by all means have another go. Its just for fun after all.
    • Jennings' decision is final no matter how drunken/incorrect.

Link to Quiz - You can use any browser. I have tested it in Chrome (on an iPhone and a Desktop PC).



I am sure there are loads a way to cheat/ruin it - but I've put a load of work in here, so do your best to play in the spirit intended.


Good luck!!


Please reply in this thread with comments with any feedback/comments/errors/omissions/funnies.

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Got 20 right out of 22.  Just missed the Tavern owner one and the one with most repped per quantity of posts or something. 

Screenshot_20211231-220742_Samsung Internet.jpg

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4 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

Dr Troy is a cunt because I had no idea he'd become Harry Squatter. He cost me two answers. I also pay little attention to much I read on here either.

Don't give the answers away Vlad!!!

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2 minutes ago, Creator Supreme said:

Very good quiz mate, I was monumentally shite, and will finish bottom but it was good anyway.

Happy New Year brother. Hope you're feeling a bit better

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I'm proud of my (thus far) second place finish and would like to say a few brief words to my followers and admirers.


Firstly, I'd like to thank KMD7 for beating me.  Nobody wanted that dickhead Pureblood to finish first.


Secondly, I'd like to thank Clem H Fandango for negging me when I was in pole position.  All negs make my blood purer, for negs are the colour of blood. 


Finally, I thank the quiz organiser.  I consider myself a true sniveling, fat, ugly, knicker-wetting, fat, ugly, fat little c*nt and I wish my dog would have triple shithouse aids.  


Thank you.

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Incredible effort Jennings! A respectable 5th at the time - is Harry Squatter the forumite formerly known as Dr Troy? I got the pub question wrong because I was looking for the Doc and couldn't see him! There was another one I knew but I just got the wrong button.


Still, great fun.


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