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    • Halfway through and stopped by to say, sensational (Kim on the bus atm), just outrageously good.
    • Not exactly woke, in fact the absolute opposite, but it’s as good a place as any.   Andrew Tate and TikTok. 
        Hadn’t heard of this “man” thankfully until I saw the tweet from a teacher, and read the thread, finding the article. 
      https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2022/aug/06/andrew-tate-violent-misogynistic-world-of-tiktok-new-star   Just another grifting waste of space. 
    • He might not hit it long like Virgil, but he doesn't play safe either. He's always trying to thread the needle and fizz passes into the feet of the forwards. Around 85-90% is what I'd expect from him normally.   I remember one year Phil Babb led the league in pass completion with something daft like 95% because he used to just roll it to Ruddock or Bjornebye and let them get on on with it!   I still hate Phil Babb.
    • Ours has done ok, we've managed to keep watering the veg plot from the water butts but today had to resort to filling up the watering can from the tap. The bit of lawn we have looks yellow and the borders are struggling a bit (they're relatively new so not well established).    I've followed the lead of some of the landscape architects and plants people I know and work with in responding to the climate changing. Our garden is prone to ponding and we get lower than average rainfall, so creating something that is flood and drought resilient is our challenge. I've shared photos in the last of our garden when we moved in, it was a lawn with two trees. Half became the veg plot and half of the lawn that was left has slowly been replaced by either borders or, for a fair chunk, a wildflower meadow. The meadow is 2 summers old now and has been incredible this year; it's still holding up well with the recent dry spell and we've never had so many bugs and birds.    The two borders we put in two years ago are fairly conventional but we're slowly putting in more diverse, resilient planting. I have another border to put in - probably next year - which will front a swale I dug last year. The swale and the borders have massively helped with the ponding, I'm hoping it's non-existent this winter. I've been given a planting plan from a colleague and have started growing some of the plants from seed to get a head start, on a low budget, for next year's planting.    Edit - I also plan to get at least 3 more water butts next year to daisy chain off the ones we already have. Looking at connecting them to some sort of self-watering system for the greenhouse.