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Premier League Round Up (Nov 20-21 2021)

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So that’s that then. The end of the road. He’s no longer at the wheel. We had a good run though didn’t we? A lot longer run than anyone had a right to expect, not least Solskjaer himself.


In years to come people will look back on this period, shake their heads and ask “how the fuck was he allowed to stay in that job for that long?”


Because we all knew when he got the job he was shit. And even when they finished second last year, everyone still knew he was shit. They benefited more than anyone from empty stadiums. That away record they had was the biggest anomaly in football history behind us losing six home games in a row. Last season may count in the history books, but nothing that happened should be used as a barometer for anything meaningful.


As soon as fans came back in United went back to being shit. Was anyone even surprised they lost at Watford? I remember talking with the lads before one of our home games about it weeks ago. Everyone in the media seemed to be concentrating on their upcoming games against us, Spurs, City, Chelsea and Arsenal and wondering if they would finish Solskjaer off. My point was that they’re so bad there was every chance they wouldn’t even beat Watford. Other than Norwich and maybe Newcastle, I feel like United should be worried about everyone.


They managed to beat Spurs, but we twatted them and City could have too if they’d been arsed to get out of first gear. Chelsea will probably handle them with ease and I actually think Arsenal might…. actually no, I’m taking United in that one because Arsenal will always Arsenal.


Watford away was a definite potential banana skin though as if you’re not on it they’ve got enough speed and skill up front to catch you cold. Just ask Everton.


Watford had four United rejects in their side which made this even more of a slap in the face for the mancs. It’s not even like they were four lads who did alright for them and who just weren’t quite good enough. They were nowhere near United level. Not back then anyway. Now? Well the standards are not what they were, let’s put it that way.


Craig Carthcart could not be worse than Harry Maguire currently. This was another train wreck display from slabhead, capped by a sending off so stupid and shit that even Granit Xhaka will have been watching MOTD, shaking his head and saying “fucking hell lad, that was a bit much”.


It was a mad game all round though. The madness started when Watford were awarded a penalty. Even that was a weird incident. Bruno Fernandes miscued a volley and the ball went back towards his own goal. Josh King chased it and McTominay bundled him over because he was looking up at the ball and fell over, taking King down with him.


The loose ball fell to Sarr who put it wide but Jon Moss gave the penalty. That little manc faced twat Cleverley was demanding a red card too which would have been fucking ridiculous even by Jon Moss standards.


Sarr took the penalty and De Gea saved it, but a Watford player scored from the rebound. He had encroached though, which I think should have resulted in.. I don’t actually know. A free-kick from the spot he touched the ball maybe? I know that Watford shouldn’t have been allowed a retake, and the United players were rightly aggrieved that they were being punished because a Watford player had encroached. 


What they didn’t know was that one Wan-Bissaka had encroached as well, so because of that Sarr got another chance. And De Gea saved that one too. Crazy. Two fucking awful pens though.


You’d think a let off like that would have inspired United to go on and take advantage of it. You’d think wrong. They got fucking battered in that first half. Watford didn’t allow their heads to drop and just kept piling forward creating chances. King scored from close range and then Sarr fired in a second from a tight angle.


United got back in it when Sancho crossed and Ronaldo rose like a salmon and unselfishly (yes, you read that right) headed back across goal for substitute Van Der Beek to score. The tide had turned and an equaliser seemed to be coming. Then Harry Maguire happened.


He got wrong side of Sarr and clumsily hauled him down on the edge of the box to get his first yellow card. Then he outdid himself with the second one, getting caught dribbling out from the back and lungeing in to foul Cleverley. It’s almost like he’s doing this shit deliberately.


Even with ten men United were still threatening an equaliser but they then conceded twice in stoppage time as Pedro and Dennis (who was brilliant) rubbed salt in the wounds.


The absolute state of De Gea on some of those goals though. The first was especially terrible. The second I could live with if that was my keeper but the third was pathetic and the fourth wasn’t good either. He’s shite now him. 


His interview afterwards was a disgrace too. “We don’t know what to do with the ball. We can’t defend. We’re conceding a lot of goals”. All true, but how about “I was fucking shite today and should have saved at least there of those goals. If I had done my job better we wouldn’t have lost”. Roy Keane is right about him.


As shit as Solskjaer is, loads of them players have been hiding behind that. That’s why I thought it was interesting to see what happened at full time. Solskjaer went to the United end and seemed to be apologising and basically saying his farewells. Some fans were giving him shit and Fernandes wasn’t having it, shouting back at the fans and gesturing that it’s the players they should be blaming and not Solskjaer. 


Almost a week on and I’m still not sure what to make of it. My gut reaction is that it’s a stand up move and I want to say fair play to him, because the easy thing to do would have been to skulk away and let Solskjaer take the flak, or do an interview like De Gea which basically screamed “this manager doesn’t know what he’s doing”. It’s a brave move taking on the fans and I want to respect him for that. The problem is I can’t stand the little twat so I’m looking for a reason to not respect what he did. 


The best I can come up with is that if he’s so bothered about protecting Ole then he should have played better, but then isn’t that exactly what he was saying to the fans by taking responsibility for the bad performances? Compare Fernandes with that De Sea or that Pogba cunt for example. Or some of the others who have just bummed around being shite and letting Solksjaer take the brunt of it.


I still hate Bruno Fernandes but he showed some backbone doing that, which is more than most of his team-mates have been doing.


So they sacked him the next day and they had him do a farewell interview in which he cried. All about the hits on socials with that club. Fucking clownshow. Long may it continue.



This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article


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He said before the game if the season ended now he’d be delighted and would crack open the champagne. That is why you fail. All the time.

You know the rules...



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Your round-ups mirror our results. I reckon if I didn't know whether we'd won, drawn or lost, I could read one of these and go "Ahhhhh. now I know our result. 


Predictably then, this is great. Bang on the money; the caravan's rockin' so don't come a knockin'. However, had we failed to win one or two of the last couple of games, it'd still be decent, but perhaps just parked up in a lay-by for the afternoon, sitting on a couple of fold-up chairs with a flask of warm, stewed tea.

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I reckon rat boy's 'defence' of OGS was mainly, blame the players, or mainly the player who fucked up his system and ran off down the tunnel at the end of the game, i.e. the  Rapist.



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"How come they hate him but still love Kante?"


Because Kante was a key reason they won the league, is humble and respectful, and widely regarded as a club legend.

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    • Gerrard in this team would make Kevin De Bruyne look like a bum. He'd be the best player in the league by a mile.   Tactical discipline wouldn't be a problem for him because he wouldn't be playing for a defensively obsessed manager. I get where the whole "Gerrard isn't tactically disciplined" thing comes from, its because Rafa spoonfed that to people off the record for years.   Stevie was too swashbuckling to play centre mid in his system, but he'd be unreal playing in Klopp's.   Another factor in Gerrard's supposed tactical weakness was that he was often playing in shit teams where he needed to force the issue because nobody else would be capable of it. No point him sitting midfield and watching nothing happen in front of him. Of course he's not going to do that. Doesn't mean he has no tactical discipline, it just means he's a winner.   He played right back and was brilliant. He played holding midfielder and was brilliant. He played right midfield and was brilliant. He's since become a manager who builds his teams on being organised and defensively sound.   Gerrard in a midfield with Fabinho and either Thiago or Hendo would be un-fucking-believable.   And besides, there'd be nothing stopping us going with the same 4-2-3-1 he played in when he was just behind Torres.   If I could add any player from our history to this current team it's Gerrard. Even ahead of Suarez, and you know how much I love Suarez.
    • he newly appointed Chancellor and Warwickshire MP Nadhim Zahawi has created a sprawling £100 million property portfolio, along with his wife and their companies, the Mirror has reported. Mr Zahawi, who represents Stratford-upon-Avon, previously worked as Education Secretary, and before that rose to prominence as vaccine minister, helping to deliver the Government's rollout of the jab. © PA Nadhim Zahawi leaving 10 Downing Street following the resignation of Rishi Sunak yesterday His new role comes following the resignation of Rishi Sunak who quit as Chancellor having lost confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mr Zahawi came to the UK aged nine after being born in Iraq to a Kurdish family, who fled the regime of Saddam Hussein.   Believed to be one of the richest politicians in the House of Commons, estimates of his net worth range from £30 million to £100 million. He has refused to confirm the amount, previously telling the Telegraph: "I've been very lucky in life." He helped found the polling company YouGov and along with his wife, owns a huge property empire, which includes a country home and stables, a £20 million London townhouse, a number of high-street properties and an industrial estate. A Mirror investigation previously found that more than half were purchased while Mr Zahawi was serving as a Government minister. Seven of the properties bought for over £10 million are mortgage-free, and two more were partially-funded by £10 million loans from Mr Zahawi's wife Lana. Read more: Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi: Everything you need to know about the Warwickshire MP The Zahawis personally own five residential properties, worth at least £17 million - three in London, one in Warwickshire (where his constituency is) and one in Dubai. The home near Warwick, a country house with stables, was bought for £875,000 in 2011. One of Mr Zahawi's firms purchased the £3.5 million Chunnel industrial estate in Ashford Kent, by the Eurotunnel train station, and his wife Lana Zahawi now owns two superstores, including a £6.3 million plot home to a giant Co-op and car park in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Another company controlled by Mr Zahawi owns £18 million worth of land containing an Asda megastore in Brierley Hill, West Midlands. Since it was bought four years ago, its value has increased by £1.25 million. There is no suggestion that he has breached the Ministerial Code. In 2013 it was reported that Mr Zahawi had claimed the livery's £5822.27 heating bill on expenses, which he said he had done by mistake and repaid. At the time he posted a statement on his website saying: " Since last week's coverage of my energy bills I have been looking into them further and can confirm that all claims for heating fuel relate purely to my second home. " However I have made a mistake with my electricity claims. On investigation I have discovered that the electricity supply for a mobile home located in the stable yard and for the stables themselves was linked to my house. " Whilst a meter was installed in the stable yard I have only been receiving one bill, it was wrong to assume I was receiving two and to have not checked this sooner. I am mortified by this mistake and apologise unreservedly for it. " I will obviously be paying back any money that was wrongly claimed immediately and have already contacted IPSA [Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority] regarding the correct procedure."
    • Keir starmer please take note 
    • Well, if it wasn't for all those Jews he'd beaten up, I'd agree. That and the tattoo of a swastika is a dead giveaway.    I mean, it's crazy. I very much think he handled the whole situation poorly from a managerial perspective as LOTO, and I feel the report backed that up, but 'dangerous anti-Semite'. Okay bud. The entire thing has run rampant, and there's barely a middle road to tread where he's concerned. He's either the saviour of all things, or he's the devil. It's a myth. The fuckin' lot of it.