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Film/TV villains which shit you up

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Not so much your favourite or best villains (Darth Vader and General Zod (Stamp) Wilson Fisk and Gus Fring fit comfortable into the above bracket, but I'd happily go for a pint with them.


But ones which genuinely did and do shit you up.


The T-1000 is the pinnacle for me. Pretty sure I had a nightmare about him recently.


He was used sparingly in the film but whenever he appeared it all went absolutely to shit. Brilliantly cast and subtle in everything it did, smart, 'human' when it needed to, be and the scene where he nearly catches John on his bike never fails to put my heart in my mouth.  


Predator too when it takes its mask off and spends the last couple of minutes of the film chasing Arnie, and you can hear Arnie panicking through Predator's ears. Another absolute heart in the mouth moment. I wouldn't be surprised if a psychologist or some shit had helped design that scene to push a human's buttons. Horrendous.


t1000-terminator (1).gif


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