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    • I think you’re underestimating just how good Owen was. European footballer of the year. Drogba was ace too of course. 
    • If we sign this guy now and the a first choice midfielder (Bellingham, Tchouaméni, whoever) and maybe Carvalho, then before sales, I think the squad is more or less set for next season. 
    • A couple of opinions from the Porto fans...   "literally the best player of the last 10 years. sold for almost a third of the value of João Felix."   "Happy life and shit from Lisbon are for 60, or 120 million, here? 45 million and our best player gone, slapstick comedy. If he's to go at this ridiculous price at least force Liverpool to have to leave him here until the summer."   "As incompetent as our board is, I always thought that about 60 million plus 5-10 ain dd ons was the minimum to sell Diaz. Turns out, they managed to surprise me."   "I just want to let out a scream waking up the whole neighbourhood, fuck it, what a pain."   Is this the way we're going to go? Are we possibly going to risk the season for 45 million? Selling the best player in this league by far for a measly 45 million? Is João Feliz worth almost 3 Diaz's? In a year in which, although it is difficult to win the Europa League, we can have strong aspirations, are we going to give a shit about that and the possible strong financial income that winning the Europa could bring us? This direction is shit, but to be honest, this is just ridiculous, I've never felt so angry. We'll give up everything so Diaz can eat the bank for the rest of the season."   "As good as he is, a player who leaves mid-season because he prefers another club will never have my respect."   "These players these days don't have any backbones either. Leaving a team and a club (which gave him a lot) midway through a season in the name of a contract that was more than guaranteed in the summer shows a total lack of character. They are puppets of entrepreneurs. They don't deserve half the fawning they receive from the fans. Edit: But this is an aside because, as I said in other comments, this situation is all the fault of the cancers who make these decisions and who accept us selling the club's best asset for a plate of lentils. It is upon them that the wrath of the fans must fall."
    • I'm far from a fan of FSG but if this is a thing I don't really think you can kick off about them signing someone who is highly rated that potentially really improves our attack a lot.   Personally, I've only seen Luis Diaz when he played us and I didn't see a huge amount to be impressed, he was quick and the pundits and commentators raved about him being dangerous but he really didn't seem to actually do anything with the ball. That said his goal scoring record is reasonable for his age and if anyone can do something to make him special it's Klopp, Salah, Mane and Jota were all scoring goals but not massively standing out and look what he did with them.   If it's true that Origi and Minamino might be going and we're potentially almost swapping them out for this guy I don't really see an issue with that.   A set of attackers comprising Mane, Salah, Jota, Firmino and this guy, plus the option of the likes of Jones, Elliott and Gordon to slot in for cup games seems pretty decent to me. Mane can play either wing, Jota can play in any of the 3 positions and Salah can play right or up top (didn't he also play left wing at Roma?) so you can use 5 players, rotate quite a bit and keep them fresh and also hopefully keep them all happy game wise by actually treating the cups as something worth bothering with.     
    • Breaking news LFC confirm there wasn't enough time to seal the deal in the January window and will consider other options in the summer....