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Greatest Away Trips

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35 minutes ago, nimrod said:



Was going to mention this.

It was quite incredible being there.

Mind you, they could have pulled the pin on the whole thing after YNWA was sung.





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On 13/10/2021 at 12:43, Beno said:

Those 85 semis were right up there as the worst trouble Ive seen. To say the Mancs got a pounding is an under statement. Liverpool fans were ultra violent and saw it as payback for the things that happened at Wembley in the 83 Milk Cup Final, roles reversed. County Rd was a war zone and any pub with Man U in was trashed and those inside got a kicking. 

They actually refused to leave the ground at the end and police had to force them out.

Alls sorts of things were being thrown in the ground, golf balls with nails in broken bottles etc.

The return leg at Maine Rd was worse. Cars were burnt, houses bricked and another load of Mancs were volleyed everywhere. 

Not our proudest moment in terms of fan behaviour, but unfortunately not our worst. That came a couple weeks later. 

Heard tales about it.

Think the book is called the red general or something 

Remember reading the chapter on liverpool and just thought...bollocks. 


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On 12/10/2021 at 14:58, Pidge said:

This one was a good one. Had a less eventful time of it, but remember plenty of arseholes outside the ground. Went absolutely mental when Johnson skipped through.


Fulham in 2014 was another great one, we were shit (toure skrtel were a terrible pairing), but brought it back around and after the penalty went in it genuinely felt like we were confirmed in the race, poetry in motion taking off and everyone bouncing. Special atmosphere.


Trying to think if there was an equivalent in 19/20, maybe Norwich? As it was an ordeal until we got the breakthrough. Atmos in the London pub I was in was good, no idea about carrow road though.

Nah. It was nowt special. There was no way we weren’t gonna beat Norwich. That kind of thing doesn’t happen. 

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Not really an away trip, but I was fortunate enough to be in Kiev in August 2006 when our away game vs Maccabi was relocated something like a week before. I could not believe my luck. Ukraine being Ukraine, a friend of mine got me an accreditation as a photographer so I could be on the pitch. That was great but I could not be that lucky , I got sick and was not feeling that well during the game, and I could not even show up at the post match press conference.


I guess that was the price to pay for having bought a half- half scarf …


Still, attending a Liverpool European away against an Israeli team while on vacations  In Kiev, that was good, wasn’t it ?

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