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Premier League Round Up (Oct 2-3 2021)

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Ronaldo was left on the bench as United took on Everton at Old Trafford. Hilarious how some people tried to make out that was some kind of controversial thing that Ronaldo wasn't on board with and that it was solely Solskjaer’s decision to leave him out. As. If.


The only way he’s left Ronaldo out is with Ronaldo’s consent. Yes, I did just use the words Ronaldo and consent in the same sentence even though those those words are usually only uttered together in police interview rooms or in witness statements.


Ronaldo can’t play every minute of every game (no-one really does any more, do they?) but anyone thinking Solskjaer is the one who decides which ones he sits out must be living in dreamland. Besides, Ronaldo can do a better job managing the team when he’s sat on the bench so it makes sense.


Why is he wearing a big fuck off ear-ring while he’s on the bench though? He knows he’d need to take that out before he went on the pitch, so why not leave it in the fucking dressing room? What a preening twat. Just the worst isn’t he?


If I looked like him I wouldn’t give a fuck about wearing jewellery because what’s the point? You know you look great anyway, it’s not needed. Admittedly I’d be shirtless all the time, showing off the abs, but I wouldn’t be wearing no stupid ear-ring. 


He had a face like a smacked arse all day but it won’t have been because he was left out. It was probably the realisation of just how fucking average his new team is and that they were being outplayed by Everton.


Martial had already missed a sitter before he eventually gave United the lead. It was totally against the run of play though as Everton had been comfortably the better side in the first half. They were in the second too for that matter and should have won the game.


Andros Townsend equalised and did the Ronaldo celebration in front of the away end. As far as alpha moves go, it’s up there. He’s marked his territory there. Not quite as dominant a move as pissing on Ronaldo’s boots but its definitely a statement and I respect it.


He gave it some bullshit afterwards about how it was a tribute to his hero rather than any show of disrespect, but nah, we know what it was and that’s fine, no need to moonwalk away from it Andros.


Ronaldo wasn’t amused and wouldn’t shake Townsend’s hand afterwards. It’s easy to rip him for that and call him a spoilt brat but I get it. If I’m Ronaldo I’m thinking “who the fuck is this cunt?”. He could have celebrated that goal in any number of ways but he chose to taunt United and Ronaldo and no amount of "it was meant as a tribute to him" will wash. 


Personally I love it, I’m just saying that I get why Ronaldo didn’t want to shake his hand afterwards as I wouldn’t have either.


United were shit and Everton should have won it late when Davies went though but he decided to square it to an offside Mina instead of burying it himself. He’s a prick that Mina, I can’t stand him. Dancing like a fucking clown when he was offside. Tit.


I think I have to reassess my Demarai Gray takes though. He’s good. I need to give him due credit as he’s playing well week in week out now and looks a player. 


United under Solskjaer is one weird fucking situation isn't it? They're always just one bad result away from meltdown. They’ll win six games on the bounce, score loads of goals, and then all it takes is one bad result for #oleout to be trending on Twitter and all the debate about whether he’s up to the job or not starts up again. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t even take a bad result, just a bad half.


They’ve been unbeaten away in the league for fuck knows how long, but a home loss to Villa was all it took for all hell to break loose. Then this weekend they drew with Everton and the pressure is right back on him again. They’ll have a thumping win soon and everyone will be back on board watching "Ole at the wheel, doing his thing".


I hope it stays like this forever.



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