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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Sep 27 - Oct 1 2021)

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Monday Sep 27:


Watched an interview on LFCTV with Trent’s Barca ball boy, Oakley Cannonier, who was been banging in goals for fun this season. He doesn’t lack confidence, I’ll give him that. He said Alex Inglethorpe asks all the kids to write down what they think they can achieve in their career and he wrote “four or five balon d’ors”. Lofty goals indeed, although to be fair he will have to do something like that before the likes of me stops referring to him as “Trent’s Barca ball boy”.


In transfer talk today, after what he did to us at the weekend we’re now being linked with Ivan Toney. I’m a big fan based on what I’ve seen so far, but he’s not a good fit for how we play. If there’s any truth in the link (which I’m assuming there isn’t) it would be because Klopp is tweaking how we play, otherwise it makes no sense. He’s boss though and probably won’t be at Brentford beyond this season. I can’t believe Newcastle let him go. Actually I can, because they’re Newcastle, but even so they must be kicking themselves, especially considering the money they wasted on that Jo Elinton bum.


Toney is a Red and he loves Big Virg. He said this today “It was pure madness, coming up against one of the best centre-backs in the world. You know it will be a battle. He certainly gave me that. The chance I had at the end, any other defender and I’ll get onto the end of it, but not Van Dijk. He just opened up and shoulder barged me.” 


Ok I’m now making it official - ‘my boy Ivan Toney’.


You know what I’m fed up of? Lazy bastard ‘news’ outlets saying we’re in for Coutinho because Barca want to sell to avoid having to pay us the rest of the money. We’ve already had the money. We sold the debt to some finance company and that’s who Barca owe the money too. And we won’t be signing him because Klopp has had the chance to do it and wasn’t interested. And if he wasn’t interested then, why would he be now? He’s going to ride with Harvey and Curtis and bringing back Phil would just eat into their minutes.


What a fucking nightmare that has turned into for him though. He left to go and play with Suarez and Messi, but his form vanished and they sent him out on loan for two years. By the time he was back Suarez had gone and Messi was soon to follow. Now he’s still there with a bunch of nobodies and everyone hates him because his high salary and transfer fee has been used as the main reason they’re so fucked. I shouldn’t feel sorry for him given the way he forced his way out, but I do. I have no ill will to him. We bought him for £8m, sold him for £140m and he gave us fucking loads of boss moments when he was here.


Meanwhile, Porto boss Sergio Conceicao is complimentary about what a great team we are but says “they have weaknesses too”. He’s been talking to Patrick Vieira hasn’t he? Probably should have spoken to Thomas Franks, as he actually found a weakness and exploited it rather than just talking about it in his press conference. I’ll say it now. Porto have no fucking chance of beating us, whatever team we put out.



This is just a teaser, click to view the full article


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4 hours ago, alles ist gut said:

Top, top FIFA IS ALL ME ARSE analysis there, Dave.


Joel has 57 pace. It's outrageous. No wonder Virgil was pissed. 

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18 hours ago, tlw content said:

Roger Hunt passed away today. Very sad and just the latest in a growing list

 This is terrible news. I hope we can start reducing that list before it's too late. 

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