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Mike D

Kylie Minogue

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On 30/09/2021 at 00:00, AngryOfTuebrook said:



This song is up there with "Firework" buy Katie Perry in the shut up you annoying bastard. My god you couldn't move for about 3 years after this came out without hearing it 5 times a day. Really put me off her. 

On 30/09/2021 at 10:56, Mudface said:

Worth it for the dance at the end.



I love Men Behaving Badly. "Oh yeah, what's a billabong then" She manages to look rougher than a half cut Gary in this clip. Very funny though. 

On 30/09/2021 at 16:58, Mike D said:





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48 minutes ago, manwiththestick said:

Has announced today that after 30 years living in the UK she's going back to Oz. 


Can't say I blame her but her chances of her nabbing me will have gotten slimmer.

Things are really looking up for her then!

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