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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Sep 13-17 2021)

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Monday Sep 13:


Harvey is one incredible kid. Just thinking about what happened to him yesterday and how he handled it, and if that was me, seeing my foot hanging off and pointing the wrong way, I’d have been screaming my head off demanding all the gas and air they can give me.


I wouldn’t have give a fuck about anything else that was going on, but that lad is applauding the crowd, then going on Instagram thanking people for their support and saying the comeback starts here etc. Then he gets into hospital and he’s telling the kid in the next bed who has broken his arm not to worry and that he’ll be fine. He’s an absolute credit to his family.


And then today he’s sticking up for the lad who made the tackle. “Wasn’t his (Struijk) fault whatsoever. Neither was it a red card. Just a freak accident but these things happen in football. I’ll be back stronger 100%. Thanks for all the support.” Agree with all of that except it defo was a red card because that’s the rule nowadays. He tackled from behind and endangered an opponent and there’s not a chance in hell Leeds win that appeal. Still class from Harvey though.


The German media are still mentioning us as a viable destination for Haaland. Honestly, there is nothing more certain football than him joining City at the end the season. I can’t believe it isn’t being mentioned by every media outlet as it’s absolutely nailed on. His agent wants £40m in his back pocket and he wants an astronomical salary for the player. We’re struggling to get Salah tied down to a new deal so there is zero chance we would be offering what Haaland is going to demand. City are desperate for a striker, money is no object and Haaland’s dad played for them. The suggestion he’s going anywhere other than there is ludicrous.


Tuesday Sep 14:


Harvey has his op and they seem confident he’ll play again this season. From what I remember, Andre Gomes was only out for three or four months with a similar looking injury so I’m optimistic. You can tell Harvey is a tough little bastard and it wouldn’t shock me if he’s back well before anyone expects.


Spurs teenager Alfie Devine scored a couple of goals against our under 23s last night and posted “It always comes back to haunt them”. Turns out we released him when he was 11 apparently, and Spurs signed him from Wigan. Cocky little shit. Maybe when you’ve done it against the first team you can start smelling yourself like that, but after an u23 game?? Behave yourself.


Kaide Gordon scored for us in that game and he’s started the season in great form. I do think by the time January comes around he’s going to be on the fringes and will probably get some playing time when the AFCON starts. He plays like a mini-Mo. I reckon he’ll feature at Norwich next week actually, as we aren’t exactly blessed with other options if we want to rest people. We may even see Oakley Cannonier in a squad before the end of the season as he can’t stop scoring for the u18s. He’s the ballboy from the Barca game in case you’d forgotten.


Speaking of Barca, they were humiliated by Bayern tonight which will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. What a sorry state they’re in now. Might take them a while to get out of it too. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever but them and Madrid being shit isn’t necessarily the great thing it might have been in the past. The balance of power in Europe is shifting to the oil clubs in a massive way now. Maybe not yet with results and trophies, because the likes of us and Bayern are still highly competitive, but we’re now at a point where United are the only non-doping club that can compete financially with them and that isn’t a good thing for the future of the game. 


Something needs to change, maybe someone should have thought of an alternative to all this. I don’t know, maybe some sort of European Super League….


Wednesday Sep 15:


L 3 Milan 2 Cracking game, cracking atmosphere, cracking club to play against for our first game back. This was just great. Our performance was fantastic other than for a ten minute lull at the end of the first half in which we conceded twice out of nowhere. Take that away and we were brilliant. I thought Milan looked ok but clearly they’re a shadow of what they used to be, which is kind of a shame. I think I want the Italian clubs to be strong again just to make European competition more interesting. Currently you’ve got three of the four English clubs, PSG and Bayern, and then there’s a big gap to everyone else.


Good to see Gomez back out there after his layoff and he did well. Being able to rest Virgil and still win is a big boost, while Origi came in for Sadio and made a decent contribution. I think his performance was overstated in some quarters, probably because the bar has been set so low for him, but he did ok and he looked engaged and committed. I’m not holding out much hope for him but if he can somehow get back to being a useful option then that solves our biggest problem.


The other game in the group ended in a draw, so that's good for us. I expect we'll beat Porto at Anfield and as long as we don't lose away it's going to come down to what we do against Atletico, and we owe them big time. 


Thursday Sep 16:


Lot of talk about Origi today after Klopp’s comments last night. All this “you’ve all forgotten how good he is” is a bit disingenuous isn’t it? “It’s hard getting into this team”. True, but how hard is it to get on a nine man subs bench when you’re the only back up striker? So spare us the “you’ve all forgotten how good he is” spiel when clearly you must also have forgotten until you took him out of mothballs for last night.


He’s just trying to boost Div’s confidence, but I heard that and couldn’t help but think “the fucking balls on him saying that!”. We spent all summer trying to offload him, Klopp isn’t even naming him in his best 20 players but he’s accusing everyone else of forgetting how good he is! We’re taking our lead from you, boss. 


Meanwhile, trouble at City as Guardiola complains that not enough fans are coming to watch them (they won 6-3 last night), and the spokesman from their official supporters club told him to “stick to coaching”. I’m so conflicted here because I hate them all and don’t want to side with any of them. So I won’t. 


Guardiola is out of order because he chose to sign for a small club just because the deck was stacked in his favour financially. You can’t go there and expect support like we get, because that’s the one thing they can’t buy. He’s also out of line telling fans they should be spending money to go and watch them when loads of people are suffering financially after the pandemic. In short, fuck Pep Guardiola and his egghead.


The fans representative though is also a tit and should be a bit more respectful of a manager who has delivered so many trophies and such entertaining football to a group of fans who until 15 years ago classed Jamie Pollock, Paul Dickov and Shaun Goater as all time greats. God, I despise everything connected with City, the sports washing cunts.


Gini is still talking about us but not really saying anything. “Several months ago, I had expressed the desire to stay in Liverpool but, without going into details, Liverpool did not give me the feeling of wanting to keep me. In these cases, we have to move forward.”


For fuck’s sake Gini. Either say something or don’t. All this “one day it will come out why I left” and “without going into details” is pissing me off. Either say what you want to say or say fuck all, just stop with this cryptic facebook style shite.


Friday Sep 17:


Man City have apparently ‘joined’ us in the race for Jude Bellingham. Newsflash, if City are in for Bellingham then there is no race because we won’t be matching whatever they offer. Don’t mistake that as me complaining either, as I’m not. We can’t offer what they can and short of selling to similar cunts as those who own City, we never will be able to.


Anyone pinning that on ownership though is picking the wrong battle. The problem isn’t FSG (or any other non-oil club for that matter) not matching what City can pay, the problem is City being allowed to spend money they haven’t generated themselves. The sooner everyone realises that and focuses their anger on the real villains here the better. I won’t hold my breath though.


Rumour today is that Keita will be the next contract extension. If they announce that before tying down Mo then they deserve every bit of shit that comes their way. Keita has two years left and needs to prove he deserves to stay beyond that. The logic is that they’re protecting his transfer value but if he gets a new deal based on doing absolutely fuck all for three years that’s going to leave a sour taste in a lot of mouths, mine included.


Klopp was asked about Mo’s contract today and basically gave us nothing. Just stonewalled it and said there was nothing to say. That’s worrying because with Hendo he was reassuring us and saying “don’t worry it’ll get done” but this feels different. Mo’s agent is going to be asking for a fucking fortune and he’ll point to the wages being paid by City and United for players not as good as Mo as his justification, and if he wasn’t doing that then he wouldn’t be doing his job properly. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.


Vieira talking a little bit smack ahead of tomorrow: “We just have to be prepared, go to the field with personality and try and give them problems. There is a weakness on their side we can try to exploit. To exploit that we have to be brave and to try and get something from the game. If we go there and think about defending for 90 minutes they will score goals.” The only weakness we might have playing against his team is complacency, because other than that there’s no way they can ‘exploit’ anything. But if teams that think the way to beat us is to attack then that’s great, let them try. Nobody is beating us by going toe to toe . 



….and that was the week that was.

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23 hours ago, tlw content said:

In short, fuck Pep Guardiola and his egghead.

Class. Absolute class.


I'm going to guess it's Saul Bellow. Close? 

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For fuck’s sake Gini. Either say something or don’t. All this “one day it will come out why I left” and “without going into details” is pissing me off. Either say what you want to say or say fuck all, just stop with this cryptic facebook style shite.


nailed it. I'm fed up listening to him & feel bad saying that. We all love Gini for what he did for LFC but enough of this bollox. Stop speaking in riddles. 

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On 20/09/2021 at 09:29, DaveTucker said:

At least you didn't drop off!

That was only because I read the quotes and didn't have to listen to him saying it.

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