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AC Milan (H) - CL, Wed 15th Sep 2021 (8:00pm)

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    • Especially when supermarkets have explicitly come out and said they aren't banning people anyway.
    • I remember our local team played in an FAI cup competion over here at club level years ago. Had a couple of good results and then found ourselves playing a team in Limerick who had some ex league of Ireland players for them.    It felt like playing against a Rinus Michels era Dutch team. They ran us ragged. We actually went two one up but then they woke up and won 5-2. The ex pros really stood out as they were just so cool on the ball and passed it through us for the rest of the game.   They were actually sound lads to be honest we are ended up going on the ale for the night with them. 
    • Yip, true. 
      Mo has been in a class of his own, for sure - which tends to relatively make everybody else look ordinary. We even moan about Sadio (103 goals)   I’d argue that if Mo was at CF he wouldn’t have been so prolific, and if Bobby had been on the left or right more consistantly, he may have slotted more ‘Coutinho’ type goals. Those angled shots cutting inside, are a very common score in the Prem for the good strikers.   Having said that, with TAA and Robbo feeding low crosses, Bobby should have poked many more in, from goalkeeper spillages etc
    • We've just spent a year with vulnerable people being banned from going to supermarkets as they were forced to isolate at home. I'm pretty sure as a society we'd work something out. The very idea people will be starving because they can't get a Tesco ready meal is fucking preposterous.
    • Is part of the issue that so much poverty is hidden?   Let me qualify that. I just checked the UK indices of deprivation 2015 and apparently my area is in the 2% most deprived in England. I never would have known that unless I checked. Cars I've seen parked in the street include MGs, Mazdas and Porsches. Someone a few doors down has a Jaguar. I popped to the Tesco round the corner today and they had a £7 bottle of apple cider vinegar; who is buying this stuff? The poor?   If I can't see poverty, and I live in one of the 700 (out of nearly 33,000) most deprived neighbourhoods in the country, then what chance does someone in the more prosperous parts of the country - where I assume they have even more Jag-driving, seven quid vinegar-swigging denizens - have?
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