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Featured: That was the Week that Was (Sep 6-10 2021)

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Monday Sep 6:


Jesus, it’s all happening on the international front. The decision to stop the Brazilian lads going proved to be a wise one as their game with Argentina was abandoned because four of the PL based Argie lads lied on their immigration forms and said they hadn’t been in the UK in the last two weeks even though the whole world saw them playing for their clubs last weekend! Not only that, they were posting photos on instagram of themselves on the private jet that took them from the UK to South America. 


Was that stupid or just ballsy? I reckon more so the latter and I’m actually impressed they attempted it. They almost got away with it too, the game had kicked off before the health officials caught up with them.


Elsewhere, Naby is stranded in Guinea after some loons tried to overthrow the government or something. If that was any other player in the squad I’d be more clued up on what’s happening but I’d be lying if I said I actually gave a fuck. Harvey being sent home from the u21s is much more of a concern to me, so hopefully he’s ok.


What else? Well Trent played a half in midfield for England yesterday as they beat the mighty Andorra 4-0. He played the second half at right back. I have no idea how he played in either role but he didn’t get injured so that’s the main thing.


Tuesday Sep 7:


Saw an interview with Albert the Moron today. Actually I’m gonna stop calling him that as he’s such a fucking top lad and I genuinely like him a lot. Anyway, he said “I spoke with Jürgen Klopp about my situation (Andy Robertson took his place) and he told me he was counting on me.


“In my fifth year, I was offered to renew, but for another five years. I said no. We’d had many years in England. I have three children and spoke with my wife, and we decided that the best thing was to return to Spain. I just wanted to go back to Spain.”


We offered him a five year contract? Kinell. Thing is though, a lot of people forget that in his last season here he actually played well. There was that one train wreck performance against Sevilla but other than that he was good. He lost his place when he got injured making a great block, and when Robbo got in that was that. He was obviously much better than Moreno and we never looked back, and he got to go back to Spain, beat the mancs in a European Final and then do this, meaning everyone was a winner…..





Meanwhile, Sepp Van den Berg is on loan at Preston and he’s playing right wing back, which seems a bit mad like. Shades of Dan Burn steaming down the wing for Brighton with that. Anyway, I saw these quotes from him today. “I quickly noticed what big steps you can take in six months of Championship [football]. So I thought: if I play there for another year, I really have a chance at Liverpool. Van Dijk and I talked for a while. He asked me how I thought it went at Preston and told me that he thought it was a good choice, because making minutes is so important. Who knows, I may be next to him next season. You should always keep dreaming.”


For some reason that made me think of Les Dennis on Family Fortunes and his famous catchphrase “If it’s there I’ll give you the money myself”. He’s as much chance of playing alongside Virgil next season as I have.



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Too right I’ve have enough of Ronaldo too. So pleased their game was at 3pm today, I dread to think how Tyler would have been on commentary!


Loved the Les Dennis reference!

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