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    • Went to watch Hertha BSC host Augsberg today at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.   Stadium was ace, but there can’t have been more than 15,000 people there, and that could be way overestimating as the huge stadium was mostly empty with just the section behind one goal in the upper tier being even close to busy, and we got ourselves in there easily and had a whole row to ourselves.   The game had kicked off when the PA system was still making announcements and playing “we are sailing” while everyone holds scarves aloft above their heads and sways about.   Game was shite, both teams terrible anywhere near the goal, but Hertha we’re always comfortable after going ahead due to a terrible mix up between goalie and defender gave them a tap in about 5 mins before half time.   second half players and fans went berserk after a second goal from a corner but while the whole team are on the blue running track way past the pitch celebrating and everyone is singing along to the goal celebration music the goal go chalked off for offside by VAR.   another was disallowed for offside later, like the goal Everton had ruled out against the Mancs earlier this year, where the lad through on goal should never have even been thinking about passing but did, and the scorer was offside.   3 1/2 mins into 4 mins of added time, Hertha had a corner, which they took short and tried to buy a soft free kick in the corner but the ref didn’t buy, gave the other way and then had to book a couple of players after a scuffle. Somehow the goalie was allowed to take the free kick from about half way into his half, and the ball ends up being played into the box for Augsberg to head into the net for an undeserved equaliser.   full time 1-1. 
        very pissed. Lovely time.     IMG_1176.MOV IMG_1182.MOV
    • Excellent opener, @Trumo - great film, hilarious own goal and an acronym inspired by TLW's favourite gif.   Last season's match was the start of a season-long cheese-dream that's best forgotten. There's no better way to shit that out of our collective system than playing these deluded bums off the park and sending them back down the M53/A55 with Rafa's name and "Liverpool, Liverpool, Take the piss" ringing in their ears. More goals, another clean sheet and no injuries, please. Just get these beat, Reds.
    • We were all different back then. Stuff was different back then. OOOH, look, a squesant...
    • I thought the crowd was alright today. I was in the kop so maybe it was a skewed perspective but I could hear the Anny Rd singing a fair bit too. It’s bad to leave early but it was fucking freezing, and the transport links aren’t great. Soccer bus/ train combo takes forever. But I agree, I think we need some sort of public campaign about staying to the end. It improved after Klopp spoke out about it but it’s gone back to empty seats everywhere. It’s more important when we need a goal.
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