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7 minutes ago, Rushies tash said:

Mings going down in the area holding his head. Until play is stopped of course, then up he gets. 

This is becoming the single biggest issue for me, they’re all doing it and it’s destroying the game as a spectacle it really is, it needs sorting.

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    • Can’t speak to dickheads on twitter or rival fans, but all the media I’ve seen so far has laid the blame at Parisian police and their heavy-handed incompetence.
    • We need to move on some players, Klopp should give up the loyalty he has towards Keita and seriously refresh this squad in the summer.   If we don't spent money now to bridge the little gap we have with City the gap will get lot wider and more difficult to close. However much it is true, we cannot keep blaming City for buying their way through. We have earned shit loads of money and it is time to spend big for once. Spend money to make money.
    • The baileys helped me get through that one without feeling too bad, the shitty feeling crept in as the hours passed though and it doesn't feel good today. When I think back to it their keeper made some great saves and changed the game, it could've been way different if Sadio had scored earlier on. I thought Valverde looked like a good player too and had a decent game. Not sure what the fuck happened to us though and Trent was out of it for their goal.   I've never liked Real Madrid but I'd way rather this feeling than the one I'd have had of that fucking oil club had got to the final and beat us instead. Hopefully we're back at it next season and doing well again, with some good signings to change things around a bit.
    • in all honesty it was just a few games too many in the end.   as fun as it was winning the other two finals, the total accumulation of game after game after game caught up with the players in the end.    the last few games we picked up injuries and lets call a spade a spade, neither of those players shone brightly last night. Van Dijk was fine, but Thiago was definitely off the pace and Fabinho not much better.    Salah has been running on empty since the afcon, Mane, up until last night was exceptional, but the tap had run dry, he's only human.    I definitely think we need a young hungry midfielder, who that is, fucked if i know, and a prolific central striker wouldnt go a miss.    i know there's some chatter around Kane at the minute, persnally, id love that to happen, but i cant see FSG coughing up the funds for a 29 year old with questionable ankles.....but say what you want, that guy would score bags of goals in this team.    hopefully next year we'll learn our lessons and quite frankly play the under 9's in both the league and fa cups, there's no need for the first team to be playing them cups, they're not the league nor champions league.
    • On the link, there are four icons, beginning with the quotation symbol. Pick the last one and it comes up with “copy link to this tweet”. That’s the one that embeds it.