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That'll be the last one he gets when the preening twat is on park.


Probably missed that due to his presence, never missed before but bound to be in his head 'don't miss with him around'....



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    • I’ve just had a Spam butty, haven’t had Spam in years, it was glorious 
    • He's even worse than I thought he'd be.  I never though he'd make for a good political speaker particularly in the Commons, his speech pattern and tone completely ill-suited for that environment, and with no other superficial redeeming features he's a hard sell to the general public.  But I didn't necessarily think his content (or lack of, and lack of back bone) would be a problem too.  I just don't see any capability in him for his current role, what does he offer?
    • Report by Dave Usher   There’s a danger for us fans of taking this kind of thing for granted. It wasn’t an important game as we were already through, but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. How many English teams have gone to the San Siro and beaten AC Milan? For us it’s not that big a deal because of all the other accomplishments we’ve had, but for 95% of other English clubs it would be their greatest night in their history.   The fact we did it with only three of our usual starting line up on the field is pretty remarkable. Ok, Milan didn’t look like any great shakes but they are top of Serie A and they needed to win this game. We didn’t need to win it yet our lads looked much more up for this than they did. That’s not because Milan weren’t motivated, it’s just that they couldn’t cope.   We were too strong, too fast, too intense, too relentless for them. They couldn’t play because they weren’t allowed to. Any time one of their players had the ball he was immediately swarmed by yellow shirts and they had no answer to it. The only time they even put us under pressure was in the final five minutes, by which time we had long since taken off Sadio, Mo and even Divock and we had a forward line of Neco, Ox and Taki.   It wasn’t a game I was particularly up for and if we’d have lost I wouldn’t have been particularly bothered, at least in relation to how I’d normally feel about a defeat. And yet within a few minutes of the game kicking off I was well into it because I loved what I was seeing. It was just like watching the first team, even though hardly any of them were even out there.   By the end I was absolutely buzzing. This was fucking great. We went to the San Siro with a side containing Tyler Morton, Neco Williams and Nat Phillips and we played AC Milan off the park. The scoreline makes the game seem closer than it was as it was actually really comfortable and Milan barely laid a glove on us.   I don’t think you can overstate how big an accomplishment this was. Imagine going to the best team in Italy with a team of mostly back ups and kids and comfortably dealing with the game and winning 2-1. Not enough will be made of it, understandably because we were already through and there was nothing riding on the game. In a way though that makes it even more impressive. I'm still buzzing about this performance now, the morning after.      This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report   Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.       
    • He’s hopeless, he would never win a GE
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